How to Plan For Your Home Build or Remodel Without the Extra StressAt Unique Home Building, we are experts at home remodeling and the last thing we want is for you to have a stressful nightmare of a project. All you want is to have the right home and we think you deserve to be properly prepared. The truth is, you either need to either be fully skilled, prepared and equipped or hire a contractor to take care of it for you.

So how do you go about the process and decide what to do? You have to get clear about what the result you’re looking to achieve.

Get Clear and Organize Your Wish List. Write out all the things you want to change and the updates you would like to make. Don’t worry about the order, just write it all down. Think about  how long you might want to live in the house. If you’re planning on selling or looking to flip, you’ll want to speak with your realtor and create a selling plan and go about it from a slightly different angle.

Know Your Budget. You can’t go in on this without knowing your budget. You need to know what your limitations are so you don’t end up with an unfinished project without the means to finish it. Plus, it gives you and/or your contractor boundaries to work with.

Do Your Research: Find out or talk to a realtor to see what sort of return on investments the improvements you’re wanting may bring. Some improvements will add considerably more value to your home than others. Then make sure you research the contractors in your area for both hiring and keeping in mind for emergencies.

Create a Timeline. Make a list of all the things you dream about doing and break down your list into sections that help you get an idea of the time each task will take. This will help you not only get but see results in real time. Make sure you schedule your projects in the time frames you can actually complete them, that fits your level of comfort and budget frames. That’s a big one right there. It’s important to stay within your comfort zone or else it will be stress filled and frustrating.

Be sure that you’re making the improvements that are the best to meet your needs and return your investment; not just what’s trending. The priority is to go in the best direction – not all directions at once; and a professional contractor will help you figure out the best plan for your home, desires and lifestyle.

Once you make your list, you’ll know what the priorities are. That’s when you’ll call the contractors at Unique Home Building. If you’re ready for remodeling, we’re the ones to call.

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