How to Prepare Your Home for Holiday Entertaining We all love throwing a good party and inviting our friends and loved ones over for a holiday celebration, but without the right planning, it can be really stressful. All those smaller details can get lost in the shuffle leaving you hustling at the last minute and stressed out of your mind.
This isn’t necessary and for the most part can be avoided. That’s why we at Unique Home Building wanted to share our best tips for entertaining with you today. We specialize in building homes so naturally our clients talk to us about their entertaining needs.
There are many challenges and needs they have in common and we’ve decided to bring them together here and help you prepare your home for holiday entertaining.
Assess the situation.  Be realistic about your space. Have a good idea about who you want to invite and which rooms you’ll want and need to use in order to properly entertain.
Furniture. Depending on your room sizes and the people you want to invite, you may want to either rent or remove furniture to allow for people to either sit or stand as desired. If you’ll be dining, you want to make sure you not only have enough chairs but also tables to meet your needs.
Menu. Create a menu ahead of time and see which choices you’ll make, order or ask from others to bring. Also make sure you have a headcount and then be sure to make 1 ½ times food to people.
Decor.  Don’t overdo it. For the holidays, have a small tree. String simple white lights around the room or across a mantel piece. Add sprigs of fir and cranberry to miniature table vases and include some simple tealights and votives as well. Don’t overdue it. Accent it.
Memorabilia. This one is big but worth it. Invest in a polaroid and make sure each guest gets a photo or ten of the night to take home with them. Everyone loves a night to remember.
We hope these ideas were helpful. Of course, as you plan your event, you may realize that it’s time to add a room or remodel in time for the next big event. If that’s the case, please feel free to contact the contractors at Unique Home Building for more information!

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