How To Stay Warm In the Cold Of Winter Without Doubling Your Heating Bill!Your home has been full of the warmth of family and friends but once they leave, but once the parties are over, you’ll need to face the fact that it’s still winter and you need warming up! Although it’s tempting to head over to the thermostat and turn up the temperature, it’s more cost effective as well as healthy to take another route to warming your home and body.
For the health aspect, it’s important to point out that overly heating your home keeps the inside temperature warm enough to feed and activate viruses and bacteria – making it more likely for germs to spread and make you sick. Cooler temperatures help keep them from growing and multiplying.
Additionally, heating systems recycle air, meaning all the dust in the home from shelves to the carpet, are being kicked up and recirculated throughout your home for you to breathe – making head and chest congestion far more likely.
That being said, let’s look at some of the other ways, more healthy ways you can try to keep your home and body warm in the cold winter months.
Keep your head and feet warm. Wear a beanie indoors to keep the heat trapped. Heat tends to escape the head quite easily and leave your body working harder than it needs to to stay warm. It’s the same with your feet. Keep socks and slippers on at all times to trap the warmth of your body between your head and toes. Another thing you can do if you really want to hack warmth in the body is to sprinkle cayenne pepper into your socks! Really. The powdered pepper will be absorbed into your feet through your pores and actually keep your feet warm. However, don’t put it in your gloves. You don’t want the pepper going from your fingers to your eyes.

While we’re on about cayenne, you can be drinking it to warm your insides, while detoxing and flushing your system at the same time! Just pour yourself a mug of hot (not boiling) water. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into it. Add honey or stevia to taste. Then add cayenne pepper. How much you add is up to you, but you do want to be able to taste it. The combination will not only boost your immune system but will also help you stay warm, thanks to the cayenne increasing circulation all over your body.
Get Baking. A most delicious option. Use your hunger as a two for one. Bake some tasty homemade muffins, cookies or bread. Once you’re done, leave the oven open as it cools and all the heat will leak into your kitchen and living room. Win win.

Try installing a wood burning stove. Wood-burning fireplaces or dutch ovens give off more heat than a gas fireplace and can burn scrap wood, fallen trees or branches or wood pellets, which are made from sawdust and are one of the most cost-effective forms of home heating. You may or may not be able to install one this season, but if not, consider it for the next one.

Reverse your ceiling fans. Most, if not all, ceiling fans have a reverse setting for winter. By reversing your fan blades to rotate clockwise you draw down the risen heat from the ceiling and prevent it from dissipating through the roof or walls.

Keep the thermostat low. Challenge yourself to set the temperature one or two degrees lower each year. Keeping it at 55 degrees at night and 65 during the day is a common energy-efficient setting. Beware not to turn it off completely or set it too low, as this can burst pipes or cause hypothermia in the colder climates.

One option for certain areas of your home is to add a space heater.  In some, not all, cases a space heater may be more efficient to heat a small room than running a central home heating system.

Stay active. Do regular high intensity workouts, go on hikes or take a yoga class to get your circulation working more efficiently. This also does a miracle for your mood during the colder months, as well as keeps your immune system strong. 

Lastly, talk to a contractor, in the middle of winter to come inspect your home. This allows them to feel where your drafts are, where your walls are thin and where to improve the issue when the time is right. If you’d really like to invest in winter warmth, consider a remodel or totally new home construction Your options are many, so call our contractors at Unique Home Building, to see which one is best for you!

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