Reclaimed and Salvaged Wood Offers Quality and Personality

A couple of days ago, we mentioned some eco-friendly materials you may want to consider in your renovation. We mentioned salvaged wood as one of the options, saying that it can be cheaper and add character to your home.

Intrigued and curious, we did some more research on salvaged wood and how it can fit into your project. First of all, we wanted to know exactly what salvaged wood is and where it comes from. Salvaged wood comes from dead, decaying or fallen trees. A similar form of recycling takes place with reclaimed wood, which comes from old buildings or structures. Sometimes, people refer to reclaimed wood as salvaged wood, but true salvaged wood comes from trees.

How to find it

We also wanted to know how to find it in case a client is interested in incorporating it into a renovation. We found a couple of interesting options that are available.

First up, Reclaimed Designworks offers reclaimed wine barrel wood, decommissioned boxcar flooring and other types of reclaimed wood for projects that include kitchen islands, feature walls, furniture and counters, among many other projects. One of their three showrooms is in Austin, but their online photo gallery gives you a good idea of the many projects where it would be appropriate to use reclaimed wood.

How it’s used

Here’s what one of their projects looks like:

Reclaimed Wood

We also found Waste Not Wood Mill, a one-man sawmill operation based in Athens that specializes in massive slabs of wood cut from salvaged trees.

Salvaged Wood

Is all this old wood durable? 

Salvaged wood is generally more durable than younger woods that were grown specifically for harvesting. Because of its age, the wood tends to be stronger, have deeper color and a patina that’s hard to replicate. Salvaged wood is known for sometimes being expensive, but can be cheaper if you are fortunate enough to find someone selling pieces on Craigslist or from someone’s demolition scraps.

Most people who decide on salvaged wood want something that is one-of-a-kind and enjoy the eco-friendly benefits.

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