Summer is the time for you to release your cares and enjoy the slowly passing hours in the sunshine.  Enjoy the playfulness of children and catch up on the golden hues that love to rest on your legs and shoulders.  

While you may not want to enter into a home remodeling project, you still may want to enjoy a few simple summer home face lifts that will brighten up your view and let the smiles set in a little deeper. 

But is your home ready for all that?   We want you to take a moment to sit back and relax as you get inspired by these simple summer home updates. 


Color it Lovely 

Play with color as you update your home. Have fun with it! But also make sure you don’t over do it! 
A good rule to stick to is to mix and match three bright colors to give your home an update.  The colors can be a mix of vibrant and muted.  Just make sure they compliment each other and don’t feel overwhelming.  One idea is to take these colors and buy your accents with them included, such as vases, espresso cups and pillows!
Dive in to Textiles
Textiles are an incredibly fun way to easily refresh the look of your entire home. Think of the colors you chose for the above suggestion and bring them into your accenting textiles and fabrics. For example:
  • Change out your heavier window coverings for sheer or gauzy curtains. Go with these lighter fabrics for summer to avoid rooms feeling too weighed down.
  • Splurge and invest in a new area rug for your summer motif. You can go with a heavier print if you opt into sheer window treatments. This allows boldness and heavier tones, but in more appropriate and complimenting places.
  • Update your heavy comforters with a more simple throw blanket, either for every day use or as a light accent that warms the chill of the summer night breeze. 

Less is Best

Summer is actually the time to reduce your decorative footprint. It’s an airy, breezy time and you want your decor to reflect that.  Trinkets and small decorative pieces are great, but can really feel cluttering in the summer.  Consider storing a few of these items away for the season.  Another way to add minimalist freshness is to remove cases from accent pillows and reveal their white casings.  Increasing the presence of white in your decor allows you to keep the stuff but without feeling overwhelmed by it.  If you’d like to keep them covered, consider a fitted white cotton or lace crochet case!
Make it Bright
Just add flowers! Summer arrangements should look casual and organically put together. So if this is your first time, relax and know you can’t really go wrong here!  Just start placing them in the ways that feel simple and best! 
Want an edible alternative? Fill a white bowl with either lemons or Granny Smith apples and petals, as a centerpiece. Nothing says summer quite like a pop of floral and fruity colors!
Love the Light
During the summer, the sun rises earlier and sets later, and all that extra light can lift one’s spirits and set the mood for summer. One of the best ways to enhance the natural lighting in a room is to add mirrors to your decor. Place a floor mirror in a dark corner of a room to brighten your space from the ground up, or hang a mirror on the wall to allow sunlight to bounce off it and onto the other walls of the room.
You are going to feel divine in your home this summer with these simple ideas. Think about what you’ve read, look around and see what you can do.  You may already have what you need at home.  If not, you can take a quick, affordable trip to the store and grab a few simple staple items.
Enjoy the season upon you and relax.  Unwind. Enjoy!
For more home update ideas, remodeling tips and home renovation planning, visit us at Unique Home Building and let us know how we can help!

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