Kick Fatigue & Get A Good Night Sleep With Smarter Bedroom Design!What do you do, when you’ve been sleeping for eight hours at night but you’re still waking up exhausted and having a hard time getting through your day? Research has proven that lack of restful sleep can lead to a weakened immune system, weight gain, muscle tightness, brain fog, mood disorders and impaired decision making, causing this sort of fatigue to be very discouraging. This is absolutely understandable and that’s why we wanted to share these tips with you today.

If you’re eating well, getting enough exercises and sleeping but are still tired, there’s a chance that the problem is with your bedroom.  So let’s look at a few different ways you can help solve this problem.

Tune out the rest of the world with white noise. If you’re sensitive to outside noise, are easily woken up or are a generally anxious person, it could be hard for you to settle into a deep restful sleep. This would make you the perfect candidate for white noise, to drown out the noise around you, allowing you the ability to have deeper undisturbed sleep. You can easily invest in a white noise machines, small fans and even modern apps for proper white noise.

Design to relax. We all love bright colors, but there is a right and wrong time to use them. A bright tuscan inspired yellow may be the perfect shade to brighten a dark room, but it’s not ideal for a restful night’s sleep. A better choice would be one that considers going with a more relaxing and calming shade in a cool-color family like light blue, sage green, or rich purple. Color your room for beauty sleep.

Wake up at the right time and in the right way. Waking up too early, or mid sleep cycle will leave you feeling groggy. People experience REM sleep in 90 minute cycles. This means that setting your alarm for 8 hours later will actually get you waking up in mid cycle. So think about how long it will take you to sleep and then set your alarm for either 7.5 hours or 9 hours later, to allow for the full cycles. And then we need to talk about how you wake up.

Don’t be alarmed. Waking up rested isn’t only about the number of hours your head rests on a pillow.  It also has a lot to do with how the slumber ends! It’s not normal to feel refreshed with an obnoxious alarm clock.  You may want to invest in an alarm clock that eases the transition from sleep to wake, rather than startling you. This will definitely help you start the day feeling fresh.

Lower the lights. Remember how cozy it was for you when your mom turned out the light after tucking you in? There’s something so relaxing and ritualistic about the routine that really invites real relaxation. Re-create that comforting atmosphere with a dimmer switch that works via remote control. Some even allow you to choose different shades of light!  If you need help, we at Unique Home Building are happy to help install them.

Don’t let the sun in too soon. The beautiful morning sunlight is an incredible thing to wake up but when it shows up too early, it can deprive you of crucial REM sleep. One of the easiest ways to find something suitable for keeping you asleep is with the darkness that black out shades provide.  Once you’re awake and moving, though, make sure you open the shades wide, because morning light also helps strengthen your body rhythms and get your brain going!

Those are some very easy to apply improvements to your home, health and lifestyle. However, if you’d like suggestions for jumping into a bigger home renovation project, we at Unique Home, would love to help! Here’s to restful living!

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