It’s hard to watch our little ones grow up and they do so very quickly, don’t they?Are your little ones growing up too fast? If your children claim they’re no longer babies, it’s time to tuck away the yellow duckies and teddy bears to give the kids’ bedrooms big kid makeovers

As you child gets older, his bed and other furniture should have a more mature look and feel to it.  You could invest in an armoire to organize and hide clothes, a television and a gaming system or a nice organizing unit for books, music and hobbies. Installing built ins can also hold your child’s growing clothing collection, or serve as a space to display favorite toys.

Whatever age your little one is growing into, here are some small bedroom updates and tips that make a big difference in your child’s room: 

Your baby probably loved crawling around in the comfort of thick flooring, but as your child has gotten old, it’s probably time for some hardwood floors and and area rug for both a more mature look but also for easier cleaning. 

As your child begins wanting to spend more time in his room, a window seat can add instant seating and comfort to his space. If you don’t already have a bay window to convert into seating, have our contractors build a long bench-style seat along the wall near the window. You can also double the space as a storage for toys, blankets and off-season clothing.

Most kids have an active imagination, causing windows to be a fun feature in their room. This considered, for safety, remove decorative blinds that can trap heads and arms and install more grown-up window coverings instead. From curtains and valances to drapes with built-in tie backs, you have plenty of options. Add a splash of color to neutral-painted rooms with patterned or brightly colored window coverings. If they have a harder time sleeping later in the morning, you may want to install black out shades to keep the darkness in the room longer. 

Although they’ll be your little ones forever, they don’t have to live with powder blue or pastel yellow walls forever. Choose calming yet vibrant earth tones that can follow them into their teen years as well.  Also, you may want to try using blackboard paint to create a drawing wall, or adding borders to add a splash of color to neutral tan or cream-colored walls.


If your child has trouble sleeping, it may be wise to change the lighting in the room. Have an electrician place the room light on a dimmer to leave a dull golden glow on in the evening. Or, choose a fun outlet-mounted nightlight to give the child a sense of security at night. A bedside lamp can also make your little one feel more comfortable in his room by himself.

It’s time to take out the baby bouncer and install a multi-functional desk to create an interactive learning area in the child’s bedroom. Stock the area with hands-on activities such as blocks, toys that run on a track (trains, cars) or a child-size musical keyboard. You could mount a magnetic material, like sheet metal to the wall, for play with magnetic letters, numbers and animals. 

Increase storage space by using the ceiling. Hang netting above the bed to store soft toys or mount flower-hanging hooks to the ceiling to hang vertical, soft-sides storage units. These modern storage devices are perfect for clothes and lightweight toys.

Whatever the age and stage, the contractors at Unique Home Building are here to support your family in it’s growth and development. Let us know how we can help in your next project!



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