Let’s Update Your Home Windows With Spring Style and ColorIf windows are the eyes to the soul – then windows in your home should get just as much attention. What does the world see through your windows? And are your windows beautiful to see out of? Don’t underestimate the powerful role windows play in your day to day experience. They should be framed with character and charm, bringing the room together as they connect you to the world outside.

At Unique Home Building, we do everything from updating homes to building them scratch. So we know what homes need to add character and that sense of “home” everyone is looking for. And spring time is one of the best times to do this. The winter is passing, flowers are blooming and color is ready to come back to your world.
Are you ready? Let’s look at these simple, bold and beautiful ways to upgrade your space!

First of all, keep in mind that there are solutions for every budget. Be aware of the different options and plan accordingly. Depending on your needs and the window’s size, prices can run the spectrum from inexpensive aluminum mini-blinds to state-of-the-art, remote controlled, vertical type shades with sheer coverings costing hundreds per shade.

A qualified window coverings expert can help you make the right choice for your home’s interior, for both function and beauty at a price you can afford, so depending on where youlre shopping, don’t be afraid to ask for advice.
Another thing to note, before you dive into color and design, is that not every covering is right for every window. Depending on the type of window (sash or casement), some products will look and function better when properly measured and professionally installed. For example: If the window to be covered is a sash type, for the best light control and privacy, the window measurement should include the trim around the window opening and the head rail installed to the top of the wood frame.
So for spring colors, if you want curtains, you’re going to want to go with layered curtains on two rods. This effect allows you to have soft, sheer or even white cotton panels for the inner layer and a bold outer accent color for the second row. Our favorite colors this season? Antique Moss Green, Red Poppy, Reed Yellow, Amparo Blue and even a Rich Blueberry. I might add that reed yellow goes beautifully with the other colors, so whichever you choose, keep in mind that grabbing a secondary color for your accent pillows, throw or even candles will be a great call.
Another last idea for window accenting that you might not have thought of is hanging plants in macrame hangers. The accent of twine and organic material is beautiful together and also quite the trend in home design for it’s tranquil clean feeling.
Choosing the right window decor isn’t as daunting as some may believe. We feel it’s a wonderful finishing touch and accent in every home.
At Unique Home Building, we love helping your house to become the home you’re wanting. For more information on our remodeling, building or other contractor services, please contact us today!

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