It can be really frustrating when you live in a home that feels stifling, suffocating or stagnant in nature.  You can’t just move, so what do you do? We want to share some simple ideas with you whether you are looking to remodel or even boost your lifestyle to keep your home fresh, vibrant and healthy.

When we are honest with ourselves, we all want to feel free and healthy.  We may not feel like doing the work, like eating well or staying fit, but it doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy that light and lively feeling you get from a healthy lifestyle.   Regardless of your motivation for life fitness, you can incorporate healthy practices and ideas into your home to jump start that fresh healthy feeling.

Ready to keep it fresh? If remodeling is an option for you, add skylights or complementary windows to dark or stagnant places to create a more fluid air flow.  Make sure to open doors and windows throughout the day and briefly in the morning, to release the sleep air and welcome the fresh air. Circulation is a huge key here!

Make life colorful! Add vibrancy and feeling to the home with the use of color, clutter free surfaces and inspirational art.  Color psychology has shown us that different colors affect different moods in our minds and day.  For example, a messy dark room with dark red paint tends to make people feel aggressive.  Lighten the color or accent with minimalism, clear the space of color, and add a light or window.  You will feel lighter and more at peace.  It’s incredible. Lastly, have beautiful art on the walls.  Displaying other’s creations of self expression allows us to be inspired to be our unique selves and create further beauty in our lives.

Keep it green.  Not the color, but the mindset. In your kitchen, have a composting bin and recycling container.  Use natural products for cleaning.  Get an oil diffuser, clean the air and release the healing benefits of essential oils  into the air for your health and the health of those in your home!  Place plants around the home both on the floor and suspended from the ceiling.

Every small step helps.  Once you take one, the next will have more pull and you’ll find yourself excited about bringing more of a healthy lifestyle into your home!

When you are ready to make some green remodeling changes to you home, call the contractors at Unique Home Building, in Dallas, Texas to turn your house into your dream green home.

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