Giving your home a much needed face lift doesn’t require you to gut the living room or launch a major kitchen remodel. Read further to find out how to transform any home into a welcoming space that reflects you and your family’s personality and taste.
Living in a home or apartment with completely barren walls can be boring and depressing. There’s no need to fear! The solution is to simply add some life and character to those walls creatively and stylishly. The wall décor market is seemingly endless and you can find pieces in every shape, size, and style. For a very low cost and effort you can transform all the rooms in your home for the better. Here are some helpful tips to give your home new life using the wonders of wall art.
Wall Art
1.     Don’t Settle for Conventional – Wall art is most commonly seen as posters or paintings, but that is not always the case. By thinking outside the box just a bit, we can utilize clocks, sculptures, wood and metal pieces, and mirrors to create new life in every room. Also, don’t rule out using negative space to your advantage. Conventional wall art is just as viable an option, but don’t let it limit you to great alternative options. Need more inspiration? Pinterest has an endless supply of great inspiration.
2.     The Magic Number – There’s something about the number three that the human mind is attracted to. Wall sets of three are no different as they are the latest trend in home décor. This also opens up the possibility to buy a three piece set by the same artist. Often times artists will sell sets that are designed to be displayed together and buying a set will tie in a theme to whichever room you’re decorating. You can further compliment these sets with indoor plants to “frame” the pieces.
3.     Make the Art Your Own – If you make the decision to invest in wall art for your home, it’s safe to say it will stay for a while. Because of this fact, you should be extra careful to make sure whatever you pick is going to be something you will enjoy looking at every day. One way to ensure that this happens is to strive to buy art that you feel will accurately reflect your personality and interests. While certain pieces will surely wow your guests, put your own interests and taste first. After all, it is your house.
Wall Art Size Matters
4.     Size Matters – Size is an incredibly important factor when deciding on what wall art you want to put on display in your home. Small pieces will not look good on your biggest walls, and trying to squeeze big pieces into smaller areas can look messy and crowded. You also want to be mindful of crowding out smaller pieces or furniture with one piece that is too big in close proximity. It will be helpful to measure your empty wall space before purchasing any art. Plan out your scheme before hand so you know generally what to buy.
If your home is starting to seem boring and dull, adding art to the walls is a fast and easy way to brighten the mood. If you already have more art than you know what to do with but desire bigger and bolder changes, contact our contractors at Unique Home Building. We look forward to your call so we can discuss all of your available options. Love your art. Love your Home. Live Unique.

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