One Up the Rest With These Priceless Mother’s Day Gift Ideas.
Why not be the one to give her the best gift this year for Mother’s Day? Hasn’t she earned it? For all the long days and nights she’s spent picking up everyone else’s laundry, doing their dishes, entertaining and making feasts… I’d say it’s time to give back and let her throw in the towel.
Besides. Flowers get old and die. Gifts that keep on giving are the ones we want to invest in.
Here are some themed ideas that will say ‘thank you’, ‘I love you’ and so much more, as you celebrate the moms in your life.
Help through cleanliness.
Moms clean homes.  Even the ones that don’t mind the mess like it clean.  No matter how much the rest of the family helps out, mom is the ultimate judge of ‘clean’ and that’s fine.  
How can you give her the gift of more clean?
  • add a laundry room with built-ins that feels fresh and breezy
  • add kitchen organization and better cabinets
  • add closet organization to bigger closets
  • clean out garage and organize the storage to be easily found and added to
Go with the gift of art and inspiration.
Mom’s, like everyone, need an expressive and inspirational outlet.  This is an easy one to do and she’ll be so happy you did it!
  • convert a room/garage into a crafting room for art, music, scrap booking, photography…
  • add a window seat or reading nook for the avid reader.  (really make it great and add a special space just for her coffee or tea)   
Relaxation is more than a gift. It’s a life saver.
She’s a hard worker and deserves a place to relax.  From overworked mind and body to being the family nurse and chauffeur, this talented woman needs a place to put her feet up!
  • Build her a sauna.  This will be good for her nerves, her skin and overall health. BIG WIN.
  • Add a deck to the backyard to house a hot tub with an arbor above for vines to wrap themselves around.
  • Do both of those things.  Can you imagine going to the sauna and then the hot tub?  That would be one happy woman.
Vitality and Good Health.
Once you’ve given her the chance to relax, give her the chance to feel alive and ready for anything! She needs to feel exhilarated and strong; because that’s her natural, deeper state!
  • Add a body space, like an exercise room or yoga studio
  • Make a space for raised gardening beds in the back or front yard
  • Ride a bike – You could do a lot with this one.  One bigger idea is to place a stationary bike stand for your conventional bike, into the exercise room, with a fan and a flat screen set up. This is a bit complex, but great for those really hot days where it’s just too hot outside to do what she’s love to do. 
    Can you see it already, handing her a ribbon wrapped box, and the expression of joy on her face when the note inside is her ticket to improved living right in her own home? That, would be priceless and we can’t wait to help you with it. Please reach out to us and our contractors at Unique Home Builders, for all your home renovation needs. And tell your mom “Happy Mother’s Day” from us!

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