“Good design considers everybody. 

How does your home represent you?

Is everyone represented?  Does everyone feel at home?   It’s usually pretty easy to walk into some one’s home and know who has the most influence; the man, the woman or the children. You’ll generally know the age and preferences of the main decorator.”

This is how we started part one of ‘Do You Feel Out Of Place In Your Home?’

If you haven’t read that part yet, please go back and do so, as it really sets the mood. If you don’t have time, here’s a basic point summary: 

  • everything about your home tells you and the world about your family’s story
  • you can decide what message you want to send
  • you first have to decide who you are and how you want that to be seen in your home
  • everybody in the family matters – men, women and children.

The homework for you was to *talk to your spouse, your children, your parents or your house mates and discuss what makes the house feel like a home to you.  What feels welcoming and what makes you feel joy and peace?* 

So, what did you decide?  Because you’re dealing with differing personalities and needs, you could have a spectrum of color and decor preferences.  But you can always integrate each person’s needs together as a whole because that’s family anyway.  Ask yourself, how you make your personality differences work together?  

What are the needs that stand out most?  Does your teen need his space?  Does your daughter need room to study?  Do you have younger children that require more child safety considerations?  Does dad need a home office or creative space?  And mom?  Does she ‘just’ want it clean, or would it be nice if she had a creative, reading or workout room?  There are many personalities and needs being addressed above, but you can see how we can work with it.

Remember, when a person has their own space, for study or creativity, they have more room for creative freedom.  So let each one speak their needs for their personal space and you’ll likely come to a better compromise for the main rooms.  

There are two major things that people tend to bring up in these situations.  Color and Clutter.  Some like bright and some like black and white.  Some like ultra organization and others couldn’t care less.  Can we come to the middle together? 

Here’s my sample solution. If most of you are minimalists then keep things simple and clean with vibrant color on the walls or on accents like furniture, paintings, or nooks.  If you have the opposite, then you will probably have a lot more ‘things’ or color everywhere.  You can imagine how this scene can get overwhelming for an organized person once clutter enters in.  So let’s make sure there are good organizational tools in place like cabinets, baskets, shelves, sectioned drawers etc…  

What’s the key?  Respect.  There are many people to consider and each is as important as the other.  I’m confident that you will be able to come up with some great solutions.  

If your solution is to go bigger and make a better space in general,  then we at Unique Home Builders are ready to walk you through the journey and are committed to getting the job done in the best way possible. 

Your house should feel like a home.  We see to it. 

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