Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Custom Home Floor PlanOnce you’ve decided on a custom home, it’s time to choose the floor plan. Maybe you fell in love with a room you saw at a friend’s house or in a magazine at the doctor’s office. Either way, your floor plan must be perfect. After all, it will be yours for many years to come. That’s why getting things just right the first time is crucial. To that end, here are a few questions to ask before you choose your custom floor plan.

Is your family growing or downsizing?

Are you and your significant other planning on having children or adopting anytime soon? If so, you want to plan to accommodate another person in the home. Or, if your child is going off to college soon, consider scaling the space for just you and your spouse.

Do you have company overnight regularly?

If you have the in-laws over or a friend staying the night after the big game, you’ll want to consider having a guest bedroom. However, a guest bedroom needs to be planned for ahead of time. You need to determine where it will be located and how big the room will be.

How much storage do you need?

Do you like buying new furniture or knick-knacks? If so, you need storage space. One of the top reasons why people move is because they run out of space. If you plan on living in the same house for many years to come, consider your storage options. Add an additional hallway closet or a him and hers closet in the bedroom. You’ll thank yourself in the future.

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