Quick Bedroom Design Tips that Deliver Better, More Refreshing Sleep Waking up tired in the morning can really be discouraging when you feel like you’ve done all you can do to feel rested. But what many people don’t realize is that many of the sleep challenges we face can be addressed and overcome with just a few changes to your routine and bedroom design. So take a few moments and look through these tips. Perhaps you’ll find the solution to turn your restless nights to restful mornings.  

Great sleep starts by thinking ahead. What so many people don’t realize is that our daily habits are sometimes the greatest source of sabotage for our nightly rest. So let’s start with what you can do to prepare. 

Set healthy work boundaries. We tend to have dinner and then manage to find more time to dive into work, emails and the screens around us. But the more DOING we do before bed, the less we are able to settle our minds before sleep – and as a result – we aren’t able to the level of rest that we need. So determine a time that you say no to your work and put it away. Then do something relaxing for your mind and body, like reading a fiction or taking a hot bath.

Drink less caffeine. Drinking too much caffeine or having it too late in the day can cause your mind to be too alert, or on, too late in the day. Consider making noon the cut off marker and stick with water or herbal teas from that point after. 

Preparing the bedroom. The place you sleep needs to feel like it’s inviting you into rest; not inviting you to think and do. Rooms that are too bright or don’t have enough airflow can really mess with the ability to sleep deeply.  Our suggestion is to ask a contractor to install a couple extra windows. This way the air flow can stream through the room, keeping the air from getting stagnant which can lead to congestion and fatigue in the sinuses. Remember that windows bring more light, so be sure to also install blackout window shades or shutters.  This allows you to keep it dark while enjoying airflow and the option to open up the room to more light in the morning.

Colors of rest. Your room should be painted to invite relaxation. Picture your room. Does it feel like a place you’d like to create or think in, or does it remind you of a spa where you go to unwind? Color and decorate according to relaxation and you’ll find yourself drifting off into sleep more quickly and more easily. 

Be not disturbed. The glow of red lights and the activity of phones and computers can really rob you of your restful sleep *and* waking.  Look around your room.  Is it restful?  Do you feel warm and energized when you wake?  If not, take inventory of what’s stifling you and get some change happening.  

Whether it’s in need of moving cyberspace to another room, painting with uplifting colors or even a total remodel, you’ll know best what needs to happen for you to get the rest you need and then get planning. After all, proper peace and rest is vital to good health and prosperity. Please talk to us at Unique Home and see how we can make a difference in your home!  

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