Quick Tips to Add More Life and Vibrance to Your Home DecorWe all want to have a home that feels welcoming and full of life, but where do you start? You don’t always have the time to start everything over again, but you do want that fresh feeling and bold flare. At Unique Home Building, we know the process of making the perfect home from the building to design. So we thought you’d enjoy these special tips that you can put to use right away to make your home feel light, bright and welcoming to all who enter. 
Simple plants. Not everyone has a green thumb but most people want their home to have plant life everywhere. The problem with this is that if you don’t have a green thumb, your plants will end up dead and dry instead of lush and green.  The solution to this is to go with succulents and air plants, as they always look fresh, they have a variety of colors and don’t require a lot of care. You can easily head to the nearest nursery and add five to ten plants to your space for a beautiful addition of life and color. 
More white. Dark colors make spaces feel closed in and smaller, while lighter colors and white especially make spaces feel bigger, more open and fresh. So look around and see where you can add more white. Curtains, furniture pieces and wood trims are a great place to start. 
Color pops. Add some splashes of vibrant natural colors to the white you just included in the decor. Colors like bold olive, or palm leaf green, aqua marine or turquoise or even gold and mustard are great fresh options that bring out the cheer in any room.
Fresh sense. One of the first things that captures a person’s attention as they walk through the door is the smell that hits their nose. Our favorite ways to do this are the following:
  1. Candles. Everyone loves candles and they add a warm and inviting glow to any room they grace.
  2. Essential oils. Not just a health fad, essential oils are great for filling the room with mood lifting fragrances that are not only pleasant but kill germs in the air as well. Grab a diffuser, add oils and oila!
  3. Reed diffusers. A brilliant addition to any home, reed diffusers are beautiful to look at and are an elegant way to add luxurious and fresh smells to your home.
It’s not hard to add vibrance and life to your home decor; it just takes a few changes. So go ahead and put these ideas to use and see how fast the transformation goes. And if you’re ready to take it further and dive into a bigger change, contact the contractors at Unique Home Building for a consultation and a plan that’s right for you.  

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