When you’re ready to update, remodel or renovate your home, it can be hard to know what to pick.  You want to stay current with the trends, consider the future resale value but also make sure the aesthetic remains true to your personal style. 

We are here to take the guess work out of the game for you, and tell you our favorite top five home remodeling trends for 2014 that will leave you relaxed, smiling and proud. 

1. Go With a U-Socket

Apple devices reign as king a majority of households, so the new U-Socket wall plug has been designed to come with two built-in USB ports able to power a variety of devices including iPhones, gaming devices, digital cameras, Kindles and iPads. The socket also has a smart sensor that allows it to shut off when the device is fully charged — saving energy on an environmental level and for your device’s battery.

2. Curb-less Showers and Stand Alone Tubs  

Showers are becoming more popular than tubs. Homeowners are looking to embellish the ‘shower experience’ rather than the tub experience. An increasingly popular feature is the curb-less shower.  If homeowners want a tub experience in 2014, it’s likely they will select a free standing tub as a structural element, which takes up much less space in the room than the old tiled-in tub deck.

3. Bright is Beautiful

Designers all over have different opinions about what style trends are on top for 2014, but one subject they’re all agreeing to is that BRIGHT colors are definitely IN, with cobalt blue being a particularly hot and in demand color. 
4. Modern and Modest
The industrial modern decor was the hot look of 2013 but it seems the trend has it morphing into a more relaxed, classic and modest look. Don’t worry though. Stone, metal and wood will still be a great look to go with but you begin to see more relaxed and rounded designs with earth tones and more raw finishes.

5. Eco Cabinets

Being environmental conscious isn’t a new trend but in 2014 it seems the decor is ready to reflect natures strong points, and the cabinetry will not be an exception! Earth-friendly cabinets with no added formaldehyde and non-toxic glues, binders, and finishes will rise in demand. All over, contractors have seen a rise in requests from people with chemical sensitivity and a desire to update their homes in a more sustainable fashion.
All in all,  the contractors at Unique Home Building want to provide you with a house that feels like a home made just for you.  Whether you are needing to add space or update what you have, we are at your service.  For other tips and ideas see our other blog article and website.  We look forward to working with you!

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