Sanity Saving Tips You Need to Make Moving a Stress Free AdventureNobody likes to move. Just mentioning that you’re moving causes your friends and family to send their condolences to you and yours as if you’ve lost someone very dear to you. And for good reason. The stress of moving can cause you to lose your sanity quite quickly. And just the thought of it stresses you. But we at Unique Home Building believe that moving doesn’t need to be so hard that it feels like a funeral for your sanity and we want to share some tips with you to help make it a lot easier. Here are some simple tips:Start by cleaning out the junk drawers and overly filled closets or storage spaces. Get  rid of what you don’t need. We tend to move many things that we just don’t use and then they stay in the box in the next house forever. The less you pack, the less you have to move and unpack. If it doesn’t have deep family meaning or if you don’t use it often, stick it in a box and drop it off at Goodwill. Other families will be wonderfully grateful. Put your “must keeps” in sealable plastic bags or plastic bins. Then when you get to the new place, you can just put it all away in the new drawers and closets. Done deal. Everything is together. This is especially helpful for junk drawers, utensils, underwear drawers.Pack things up by room. Choose a color of duct tape or permanent marker that is assigned to each room and keep all boxes for that room color coded for easy moving and organization. Label with words like, closet, clothes, shoes, dining room utensils..  Avoid the big boxes and save your back. Make sure you aren’t afraid to use many small boxes instead of less large ones. The large ones get packed with more things and can become heavy and cluttered. Smaller boxes keep things organized and specific. Easier to put away and easier to transport.Plan ahead with enough time to take it slow. Do not move and pack 7 days in a row. Do a little each day and every few days, stop. You will burn out if you just keep going. Even if you stop at noon one day, give yourself a long stretch of doing something relaxing and rejuvenating. Get a massage, go see a movie, workout, take a hike.. anything that gives you a deep breath.  
We hope these tips help you feel a little better about the move to come. And remember, the Unique Home Builders are here to support you along the way.  Please contact us and let us know how we can best serve you!

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