If you have ever done any size remodel, you know the job can be expected to go differently than how you planned it to go. The best schedules can be made, all the right meetings set, choose and decide all products and still, things may end up going in a strange direction. Many things make a renovation job challenging: poor supervision, delayed or no decisions, people not showing up, special-order materials delayed and even the weather; the list of possibilities can go on forever. 

So let’s start with bathrooms.  What are some common mistakes people make when remodeling their bathrooms that can be avoided when planned for ahead of time? 



Using a ‘Jack-of-all-trades’ contractor
Maybe it doesn’t seem like it, but remodeling a bathroom remodeling is quite a specialty in the world of construction. Bathrooms typically have more than fifty primary components that must be matched and installed properly. Backer boards, the sub floors and other unseen components HAVE TO be installed properly to avoid inconvenient and annoying problems that could haunt you in the years to come.  Using a single trades-person who builds everything from finish decks, exterior paint, install windows and porches produce the result you’re really hoping for.


However, there are also several companies out there who do nothing but build bathrooms. Their installers typically understand the spectrum of surprises and challenges that renovating a bathroom can present. And like any specialist, they are usually better prepared to diagnose and solve the problem quickly and without undue expense.  At Unique Home Building, you get exactly what you need.  We are a team of specialists ready to complete the job in the way that’s best for your home and situation. 
Match up your hardware and fixtures
Some people may not care so much about this one. But, I can almost promise you that the folks looking to buy your house one day in the future will. So here’s the thing. If you choose a faucet with a brass finish, make sure that your other components also have a brass finish. This includes your towel bar, hand towel ring, toilet paper holder, shower head, tub spout, shower door and even the little knobs on your cabinetry.
Be aware, not all manufacturers make their finishes the same and one piece may not look like  another company’s equivalent. If they don’t match, it just looks cheap and tacky. If possible, buy your fixtures at the same place so you can compare finishes before it’s too late.
The toilet, tub and sink should also match. Please, if you’re using white, use white on all of them. Again, just like with the finishes, you’ll need to watch out for variations within a color. You can avoid making this mistake by comparing material samples  BEFORE you buy them.  Otherwise, you run the risk of being annoyed every morning minutes after you’ve just awakened.  Set your day up for success.  Avoid the little annoyances!
Don’t just buy based on price
We all love a good bargain! The problem is this – in bathroom renovation and remodeling, is that the price can be dramatically lowered by using the cheapest materials and even cutting out critical pieces. Cheaper isn’t always better though. Better materials simply work better, last longer and give you a much better chance of avoiding disasters. Just think of all the things that could go wrong with your plumbing or electric system.
Use a licensed plumber 
This is slightly different than our point of -using a ‘Jack of all trades’ contractor- and we’ve seen this one over and over. 
Plumbing is absolutely a specialty and not even the specialized bathroom contractor should be doing everything entirely by him or herself. Good plumbers can help you avoid the most expensive problems you can imagine.
In the end, you won’t feel like you saved very much by letting the non-plumber do the plumbing. Contractor hourly rates and plumber hourly rates are not that different. Insist on a licensed plumber.
Bathroom renovations are a wonderful first step to beautifying your home.  It only makes sense to do it well and invest wisely in quality professionals and components. Unique Home Builders are ready to be at your service to give you the home remodel you are looking for. 

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