Screened In Porches Will Change Your Summer For the Better. Here’s Why:
Once people find out the benefit of screened in porches, they quickly move the project to the tops of their lists. Why? Well, there are many reasons.
You add more space to your home.
Have a big crowd coming over? No problem. You now have the space to send the kids to play while the adults have their own and everyone gets fresh air and comfort. Or, feel free to have a dinner party without the pests or risk of rain.

You have the option of enjoying ALL the seasons without the extreme climate change.
With screened panels, your porch will only stay as comfortable as the temperatures outdoors. You can increase the time you’re able to use your porch if you construct additional panels for use in place of the screens during cooler weather. With plexiglass panels, suddenly your summer porch becomes a three-season porch that stays comfortable during the cooler spring and autumn months.

You’ll add style and value to your home.
Depending on the style of your home, you’ve likely got plenty of options for designing and building your screened-in porch. Generally, the way it works, is that screened porches are built with wood framing that supports the screen panels. You have the option of keeping it simple or making it more formal, stained and finished. It’s great for the resale value as well.

Fresh air all year round.
With the screens and new windows, you’ll be able to let in that fresh clean air and let out the germs, no matter what the temperature or season. This is key in keeping air circulating and in protecting your immune system. Stagnant air is fresh air. Keep things moving.

Unique Home Building knows what makes a good home. A screened porch that’s attached to your home can be turn into the perfect spot for you and your family to enjoy on lazy summer days or in the crisp fall mornings. With a roof over the porch, you won’t have any worries about overexposure to the sun, wind or other elements. At the same time, being surrounded by screens, allows fresh air into the porch and home without letting in all the bugs.

Sold yet? Contact Unique Home Building, and get plans for your porches started today!

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