Simple Decor Changes to Bring the Beauty of Fall and Winter into Your Home. There’s something about the change of seasons that makes us want to start fresh, turn over a new page, and say, “Out with the old, in with the new!” And in the fall, we can have so much fun with it, with the colors and the mood and all the beauty in between. The best part is, that it doesn’t have to be complicated or cost a ton. With just a few simple additions and changes, you can bring the beauty of fall and winter into the comfort of your home.  
Simple Swap
Start small. Notice a few pieces around your home that you can store until spring and replace with something with a more rustic or natural feel. Think linens, wicker accents, lamp shades, throw pillows, rugs, or even wall art.
Add the Glow
Set out candles…and light them! This is as easy as getting a flatter piece of wood and setting out tealights on it. Or add votives to mason jars and line them up on banisters and mantels. Another great touch is framing windows or accent walls with white christmas lights.
Basket of Apples
While fall is notorious (in a good way, of course) for its warm, fiery color palette, the season’s arrival doesn’t mean we do away with bright, beautiful color altogether. Quite the contrary. Apple green is a perfect example – bright, cheerful, and perfectly fallish. Simply get a wicker or wooden basket and store your normal apples in it or get fake ones for the decor.
Back to the Nature
Bring the outside in by branching out. Cut and gather twigs and fallen branches and arrange in a glass vase for the look of wood and ice. You can also gather pine cones and place them in a bowl, vase or simply around your home for the same effect.
Coloring Softly
Focus on bringing in more soft, luxurious textiles with autumn colors such as rich greens, rusty orange, browns, burgundy or gold. These are the colors and textures that you want to curl up with, in, or on. Velvet, soft linen, and a variety of other touchable fabrics make for wonderful fall pillow covers and throw blankets.
It’s easy to transition your home to embody the cozy comfort of fall and winter. Try these tips today and see how it feels in your home! And remember, for bigger changes such as remodeling, design and building, Unique Home Building get’s the job done beautifully. For those in Texas, call us today for a consultation!

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