Simple Design Tips to Bring More Peace & Comfort to Your HomeWhen you move into a new home or simply want to bring a more welcoming environment to your living space, you might just need to make a few design changes here and there. Everyone likes to feel at home where they live and these tips from us at Unique Home Building will help you do just that. The tips below are some of our favorite interior design tips; they’re easy to follow and don’t require much of a budget. Allow them to help you create the relaxing, soothing living space you desire, wherever you may be in the world.


Cluster Your Favorite Pieces
Gather your favorite objects – small pieces of art, nick-nacks, heirlooms, and plants and then place them where you can enjoy them the most — on a sideboard, windowsill, or bedside table, for example. Your display should be specific to you and can feature anything from jewelry to a vase or glass bottle with a single flower to a stack of beautiful boxes topped with a smooth stone. Don’t be afraid to mix and match here! Let your heart show you what to use!


Avoid Harsh Lighting
Avoid cool and blue tinted or fluorescent lighting as they are less relaxing and can remind you of the light in a hospital, lab, or work environment. Other options beside using gold tinted LED lights would be to use string lights, candles, and small glass bottles and jars. Just add tealights and votives to the jars with the labels removed, to make the perfect candle holders.


Comfort Corners
Make sure you always have a space to return to and unwind. Make it cozy, full of cushions or pillows, your favorite books and maybe even a small table for tea and a notebook. This allows you to always have a place to go when you simply need to refuel and regroup.


Simple Scents
Make sure you have pleasant scents available around the home. Aromatherapy has been proven to lift the mood, set the mood and also kill germs and boost immune systems. Invest in some quality essential oils for the antibacterial and health benefits, with fragrances like orange, lavender and bergamot. Other simple ways to add enjoyable fragrances are through natural candles; soy candles are great – or even with naturally formed incense sticks and cones. Keep fragrances available in each room and ready to use as needed. This also helps to keep the less desirable smells of the kitchen and bathrooms from taking over your home.


Just Add Life
Be sure to have at least one living plant in each room. It can be simple, like small cuttings or gatherings from your local neighborhood or environment, or houseplants that will thrive indoors. Succulents and air plants are perfect for small places and bathrooms as they give a subtle yet still vibrant feeling of life. Larger plants are best reserved for the living room, bedrooms and office.


Don’t settle for living in a space that doesn’t feel like home to you. Try these tips out and see if they give you the lift you were needing. If that’s not quite cutting it, you might be ready for the bigger step of remodeling. And that’s where we come in. Call us at Unique Home Building today to see if we’re the contractors for you.

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