Simple 'Self Love' Strategies to Reduce Stress During the Holiday SeasonMost people love the holidays. But the stress associated can leave an unnecessary lump in your gut. The best gift you can give yourself this holiday season is the gift of self love.   And this year – love yourself with some simplicity strategies to reduce your stress during the holiday season. 
Here you go.
Trim your to-do list. Ask, “If I don’t do this, what will happen?” Aim to knock down the list of chores to the rock-bottom necessity.
Slim your gift list. Stop participating in gift exchanges that are no longer enjoyable or have meaning anymore. Focus your giving on the children in your life and your spouse. For everyone else, plan a dinner night together or offer your loving service for 2015.  
Wrap as you go. Who needs to spend Christmas Eve catching up on wrapping chores? Sticky notes will help you keep track of gift contents.
Let someone else bake. Leave the baking to the experts, this year and rest easy. Supermarkets, bakeries and the freezer department of the discount warehouse are a great source for delicious, pre-baked holiday treats.
Relax on the cleaning. Focus your cleaning attention on the kitchen and public spaces; private rooms can slide until the season has passed. Better to schedule deep-cleaning chores like carpet cleaning until after the wear-and-tear of the holiday season or hire someone else for the dirty work. Your sanity is at stake here. 
Limit the dishwashing. Especially good for those large family gatherings, go simple and choose paper plates this year.  Buy recyclable or compostable ones to keep environmentally responsible.  Clear conscience, clean kitchen. 
Go for finger foods. A buffet tasty morsels is easier to cook and better for your figure, than a sit-down dinner feast. You can also share the work load by hosting pot-luck events.
Stay home!  A holiday “stay-cation” allows for evening drives to see the lights, family camp-outs in front of the Christmas tree, and evenings spent with carols and popcorn. You’ll save stress from packing, arranging, rushing…. and you’ll save travel money! (Use your savings for a spa pamper day!)
As you can see, the options are many, so there’s no need to neglect your self care this holiday season. Stress in a time of magical togetherness is totally counter productive, so make each moment count! Your home should be a refuge of warmth and love.  
At Unique Home Building, we desire to make your house a welcoming home for you and your family. We’d like to extend the gift of custom home remodeling to you, this holiday season.  Your happiness is ours. Reduce your stress.  Call Unique Home. 
Happy Holidays!

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