Simple Tips To Make Planning Your Home Remodel Fun and Easier Than EverSo someone suggests that you should remodel your home and the idea sounds exciting. There are so many options and so many things you can do that you don’t even know where to start. And that’s where the dread sets in. What should you do and what does it involve and is it really worth it?
Well let’s start by making it clear that it’s usually worth it. If you’ve been needing more space, more light or more you in your home that this is a choice that will bring more joy to your life and make your home more comfortable to be in. It’s also going to increase the value of your home if you ever decide to sell. It’s really a win win situation. 
So the real question is where do you start? How do you pick what to do first? At Unique Home Building, what we’ve discovered is that keeping it simple, organized and taking it one step at a time helps you not only figure out what your remodeling priorities are, but helps you get them done. Here are the tips we’d like to share with you today.
Create a simple list.  Many people fall head over heels for the latest apps and gadgets. But I have found that so many people do much better with a simple sticky note or day planner list. It doesn’t mean you’re lazy or unintelligent.  All these different tools can leave you spending much more time trying to organize or consolidate your list, leaving many of your items undone.
Categories your list into three’s.  Tony Robbins once gave a talk about being overwhelmed with too many things to do.   But many times though our list has 10 things on it, it’s likely they can be grouped into 3 (or 4) groups.  Home, family & work.  That’s the first step. Once your list is organized into categories, you may find that you can narrow it down even further to your top 3 priorities and then another list of 3 secondary things to do.   At the end of the day – you’ll likely get 6 things done!  But at the very least, you’ll get the most important things done first – leaving you feel accomplished and at peace with your performance.
Keep an idea pad in the kitchen. This is the number one idea we have.  Paper, phone, moleskin, iPad…  whatever. little things you remember, ideas & responsibilities should all go to one place. You know how it is – an idea will come to you and you love it! …. but then you forget it. With an idea pad, you can jot down ideas as they come to you and then discuss them a couple weeks later.
Look at the benefits. Refer to the idea pad above and make a new list of all the benefits each idea will bring to your home, life and family. Be specific. Also write out the cons if that will help you decide.
Think about the colors you want in your home.  Color holds a lot of influence in the making of your home. Bright reds can cause stress or creativity, depending on where they are placed and how they are combined. In most cases, blues are calming and nurturing, but add too much grey in them, and they will feel cold and empty. Start to notice how colors make you feel, which ones make you happy, motivated, sad, tired or relaxed. Write that down. See the patterns. 
What feeling do you want to have in your home? Are you a minimalist or do you prefer a lot of knick-knacks and memorabilia? There’s no wrong answer here, it’s just important to be honest with yourself and see what really nurtures you. I’ve known many people that are minimalists at heart but just don’t know how to let go of their decor, and it really adds stress to their home. 
Once you’re clear on those things, you can decide what needs to be done first. Then, you’ll want to meet with a contractor to create a timeline so you have an idea of how long everything will take and how to prepare.  The truth is, if you are ready to make some changes in your life, you don’t need to be overwhelmed by the process. As long as you know and are consistent with the basic steps, you’ll be on your way to a better home in no time. Be sure to call the contractors at Unique Home Building today and see what steps would be needed for your home project!

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