What if your remodel was able to 80-90% of your investment to your resale value?  You might be more excitedly inclined to take that long desired step!  Updating your bathroom adds a surprisingly significant value to your home. Many people still find themselves overwhelmed by either the plethora or even limited possibilities for this particular undertaking.

Here are a few ideas I would like to share to make things more affordable, enjoyable and simpler for you.

  • Half Baths  – Half baths are a fabulous addition that not only adds convenience but also a modern & European flair.  Houses all over the world are applauded for their full baths plus guest toilets to offer.  These can be created out of small closets or under eaves.
  • Master suites – You could add his and her sinks, a spacious shower tub or other sleek addition to create a calm and welcoming environment; which always adds value to the home.
  • Save Water  – Water and money can be saved with green, low-flow toilets.
  • Add Skylights – If your home is dark and could use some brightening up, skylights can be a great alternative to the energy that light fixtures tend to consume.
  • Amenities – Adding certain upgrades such as such as steam showers, heated floors and whirlpool tubs add perks that relax and rejuvenate.
  • Storage Spaces – Make sure you don’t compromise on functionality when opting for storage spaces like vanities or medicine cabinets.  These additions can be both functional and fashionable.

The key is to take the time to research ideas and different options for your bathroom remodel.  So where’s the best place to start?  Start online.  Then share your ideas and inspiration with family and friends to further your creativity and help with making decisions. In addition, those same people can be a great resource for choosing contractors and suppliers.

I urge you to also consider your budget and make your remodeling decisions accordingly.  Remember that bathrooms, whether half or full, are the most visited rooms in any home.  An updated bathroom will not only add value to your house, but if done well, can also be a welcomed retreat at any time of any day.

Of course,  as with all remodeling projects, Unique Home  is  here to help.  Let us know how we can best serve you today.

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by: Navae Fiona

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