Being a kid is fun. Life is an adventure and the world is your toy! But what happens when toys take over everyone else’s world? You don’t want to limit a child’s imagination or tactile possibilities, but you need to walk and clean and be able to find things too! So while we’d like to use this post to help you plan an organizational redesign for your child’s room, the tips we have to share will be useful for any family home organization need. Whatever the space, big or small, Unique Home Building is here to offer help right where you need it most.
So Many Toys But So Little Space! {design hacks for families!}
For starters, we’ll admit that for parents and children alike, the excitement of considering all the design possibilities you can do could be the very thing that keeps you from actually doing it. Also, just like with eating, your eyes might be bigger than your stomach. Or in this case, your imagination might be bigger than your space, timeline or budget. So as you think about what you’d like to do, be sure to consider the more practical matters, such as storage and layout.
Creating a space that inspires kids to experience the joys of play is an amazing opportunity for whimsical decor choices. The juxtaposition of children’s motifs with efficient organization can create breathtaking results. As you begin your playroom design quest, don’t forget to consider the interests of your kiddos. Their ideas may spark the inspiration for a winning decor concept, and under your guidance, the room will take flight. Here are some ideas to get you started:
As you plan the layout for your playroom, pay attention to the space involved. Is the room large? Will it be shared by multiple children? Or perhaps the “playroom” is a section of the child’s bedroom, making compact living a must. If space is no issue, consider placing storage and seating pieces along the wall and leaving the center of the room free for creative endeavors.
So Many Toys But So Little Space! {design hacks for families!}For older children, make use of cubby style storage to double as a room separator, headboard, end table or even desk, depending on design. Compliment and finish the look off with chic or modern boxes/baskets for added privacy and clean design!
For younger children, be sure to design with plenty of table space in mind, as children use tabletop surfaces for activities ranging from arts and crafts to small block building, as well as sensory activities such as play dough. If a play area will be a part of the child’s bedroom rather than a separate room in the house, there are plenty of layout options to ponder. For example, with the bed taking up a portion of the wall space, there may not be room for tables along the edge of the room. A table in the center of the floor is a wonderful alternative.
So Many Toys But So Little Space! {design hacks for families!}Don’t forget about the brilliance of hidden storage as well as play areas – especially for smaller spaces. For example, if you decide to build bunk beds, in addition to a ladder, you could build stairs along the wall that lead to the bed; and under each stair could be drawers, shelving or storage bins. And on top of that, you could add a slide down or a rope ladder to encourage more activity in less room!
Doing a simple image search will get your wheels turning. If you like an idea, write it down or add it to a file; even if you can’t execute the whole idea, at least in part, you will benefit!
As usual, we only want to give our best when it comes to your personal home renovation and remodeling projects! Give Unique Home Building a call today and let us know how we can help!



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