Staircase Remodel IdeasEvery home can be remodeled or improved in some way. Bathrooms and kitchens get most of the attention, but there’s an often-overlooked space in many homes that has a chance to become the centerpiece: your staircase. When crafted properly, it can provide as much beauty as it does utility. Remodeling your staircase can also be a smaller, more accessible project than other plans. Here are some staircase remodel ideas to get you thinking.

Under the Stairs

Open Storage

Staircase closets are outdated. They tend to just collect cobwebs and clutter, and most people transform them into a space that looks nicer and gets more use. One popular option is to build organizers and pull-out storage under the stairs. You can make a pantry, a crafting closet, or a number of other organizers in that space.

Still, these organizers are becoming all too common. If you want something spectacular, then consider open storage under the stairs. You can go with simple shelves and make the space more visually appealing. You can add bookcases or even a reading nook. You can store blankets and pillows, toys, collectibles or whatever you think makes sense and looks good.

Wine Cellar

You can up things a notch by turning your staircase storage into a wine cellar. It’s a swanky idea, and it scores plenty of cool points. You can save money and have passive storage. In many homes, the space under the stairs never gets particularly hot or cold. That’s perfect for maintaining cellar temperatures.

Still, you might want to wire the area and keep it climate controlled to protect the wine, and if the layout allows, you can go below the floor and have a drop-down wine pit.

If you want to keep everything above ground, glass storage will also make the space feel less confined, and it will show off your wine bottles like a Hollywood billionaire.

Upgrading Railing

Color Contrast

If you’re going to be changing the railing for your stairs, you’re going to have about a gazillion choices. As you browse through countless online pictures and catalogs, you’ll likely find that the ones that catch your eye the most have a common theme: stark color contrast.

A great example is having iron metalwork railings over white stairs. Less extreme but still impactful are light wood balusters on a dark wood frame. You get the idea. You can pick any style or material you want. To narrow your options, favor the strong color contrasts to really nail the aesthetic.


There’s an entirely different concept you can embrace, especially if you’re feeling modern. Floating staircases are really cool and, if feasible, are a great idea for your staircase remodel. When they aren’t an option, you can still capture the concept by minimizing the visual impact of your railing. You can use glass to capture the minimalist essence. You can also simply reduce the number of balusters and the amount of material in the railing. It offers the same effect.

The goal is a clean, modern look that really draws the eye.

For the Feet

Change the Flooring

Sometimes, just changing the flooring is enough to completely reinvent a place. You can take out the carpet and replace it with gorgeous hardwood. You can go for a stone aesthetic. Even a simple paint job can be enough to make it feel like a complete change.

The goal is to change the texture and color of where your feet fall. You get a whole new staircase, minus the need to hire a structural engineer to sign off on the changes.

Get Artistic

One of the funnest aspects of a staircase is that it lends itself to unique artwork. You can use paint or decals to make the stairs look like the spines of your favorite books. You can make a mural out of the side of the staircase. You can use creative color pallets or interesting textures to make the whole thing into an eye-popping masterpiece.

When it comes to letting your artistic side flourish, there aren’t any limits. Do something unique, and celebrate your home with your new staircase.

Now you know some cool ways to tackle your staircase remodel, but as the old saying goes, that’s only half the battle. The remodel still needs to be done, and that’s where Unique Home Construction comes to play. We can help you with the planning, and we can execute the plan to make sure your new staircase is the one you really want.

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