Summer is here an in Texas, it’s here for a long time.  As the season moves on, we hear so many people wishing they had updated their decks with a fresh coat of paint or just built one in the first place. People enjoy having a place to relax and entertain family and friends in the heat. Why not? The thing is, before you rush off to your local home improvement store to stock up on supplies, read the list below. This way, you’ll be more likely to avoid some classic ‘deck planning’ mistakes.   

Go Pro With Your Design

Whether you’re doing it yourself or would like to hire a contractor, do not undervalue the importance of choosing a design that will wow yourself and your visitors.  Need help? Unique Home Building has got you covered. 
Consider The Sun
As we all know, the sun can be an intense and fierce blessing.  So, if you or others burn easily, take that into consideration and make sure to include a shade element into the design. 
The Barbeque
The BBQ is usually the worst placed deck feature. You really need to remember that the gas line needs to run to the ideal BBQ location… not the other way around. Plan ahead and make sure it makes sense.  Decide where the BBQ should go THEN plan the gas lines.
Choose Furniture Before Building
How often do you get the chance to go furniture shopping, and then build the room to match the furniture? Don’t skip out on this fun chance! Get out there and browse the incredible selection of shapes and sizes you like.  Grab the exterior set you’re in love with and build the deck to suit the pieces. 
Use Footings 
Even if you are building a deck that does not require a permit, the general guidelines are still good to follow and it is important to use 48” deep concrete footings that extend below the frost line, *just in case*.  Always use a builders tube to keep frost from being able to heave the footing. Not a fun fact – but helpful in the end. 
In Conclusion  
In the end, do your homework.  Check to see if you will need permits.  Whether or not you do, you’ll still want to build it properly. There are so many ways to make sure your deck is a uniquely built one that suits your needs and vision. That’s what we are here for.  For more information or to get planning on your next deck or other home renovation project, call the contractors at Unique Home Building and we’ll get you going. 

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