Take Your Bathroom From Boring to Beautiful With These Easy Tips! Bathrooms are an incredible part of your home, in that they have the power to uplift you or bring you down quickly. When you think about it, it makes total sense. That’s where you rejuvenate and clean yourself. It’s where you wake up and wind down. It’s a mood setter when you think about it. So it makes sense that you’d want it to feel calming and luxurious! Whether you are wanting to simply update the decor or do a complete bathroom remodel, we at Unique Home Building and Design want you to know that you have options that can even be enjoyed as soon as today.  
We’ve put together a list of our favorite easy update ideas for your bathroom and would love to share them with you today! Be sure to let us know what your favorite tip is!
1. First of all, before you dive into any redecoration or remodel, you want to have a clear vision. Don’t just start making changes because you like this and that. Pick a theme and stick with it.
2 If you have the chance to grab a baroque-inspired accent, such as a large mirror with a detailed frame, you’ll have an easy and stylish update, bringing a classy contemporary feel to your bathroom.
3 Here’s a simple one: update your bathroom accessories by investing in a new and improved matching bathroom set.
4. Going with that same feel, a new bath mat and matching towels are an excellent, budget-friendly way to give your bathroom a good face lift.
5. Wall decals!!  These are a cute and simple way to add style and character to otherwise boring and plain spaces. Pair graphic walls with modern fixtures and you give the space a whole new look.
6. If you’re up for the project, you can add a fresh coat of paint or even  interesting wallpaper; it’s becoming quite a loved trend these days.
7. Be sure to keep your cleaning products and accessories hidden by hanging an over-the-door carry-all on the inside of cabinet doors for extra storage. This will keep things looking tidy and clutter free.
8. Use colorful or printed towels for bathrooms with a neutral or muted decor and use neutral or white towels to compliment a bold, graphic decor.
9. Rings. New shower curtain and rings are an easy and affordable way to update your bathrooms decor. Same rule as above – let your rings be an accent that compliment your decor.
10.  Adding a bright or relaxing piece of art, like a photo of a beautiful beach taken on a recent vacation or a simple and bold painting to liven up empty walls.
11. Elbow grease helps – give your shower stall a fresh feeling by cleaning the tile with grout cleaner.
12. Add personality and flare to your cabinets by adding new pretty door knobs!
13. Paint the bathroom ceilings a lighter color than the walls. Consider pale blue, silvery green or buttery yellow to achieve an open and airy effect. Perhaps one of my favorite ideas.  This turns the bathroom from cave to oasis!Hope you are inspired and ready to give your bathroom the face lift it’s been waiting for. 
And if you’re even more ready to take the plunge and start planning your bathroom remodel, the contractors of Unique Home Building are here to make your space into the place you love.

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