Take Your Kid Space From Chaos to Peaceful Playroom With These Simple TipsWe love when our kids have room to play and be themselves but it can be really overwhelming when their space seems to overflow and take over the rest of the house. So what can you do that your children have the freedom to have their things and play freely, without you feeling like you’ve got to move out to make it happen? Well that’s something we at Unique Home Building happen to be experts at. We know exactly how to make the most of a small space, make a small space bigger and simply make your home exactly the place you want to be.
So when reorganizing your kid space, it’s important to remember that they need to have a space of their own where creativity and imagination can thrive and certain conditions make it even easier for that to happen.


For starters, make sure that organization is simple, predictable and something they’re able to understand. Use boxes to organize certain categories of toys and learning so that they can become good at keeping their space clean along the way.


As you plan the layout for your playroom, pay attention to the space involved. Is the room large? Will it be shared by multiple children? Or perhaps the “playroom” is a section of the child’s bedroom, making compact living a must. If space is no issue, consider placing storage and seating pieces along the wall and leaving the center of the room free for creative endeavors.


For smaller children, make sure to include plenty of table and create space, as children use tabletop surfaces for activities ranging from arts and crafts to small block building, as well as sensory activities such as play dough.


If your home doesn’t support having a separate play room, and you’re not ready to add on and build a playroom, you’ll likely be adding the play area to the child’s room. With this option, you need to take into consideration that the bed may take up a good portion of the wall space, and there may not be room for tables along the edge of the room. With this situation, a table in the center of the floor is a wonderful alternative as is the idea of a raised bed with a table or desk underneath.
These ideas are just to get you started, and hope they’ve gotten your wheels turning! If there’s any other way we can help you plan the changes you’re ready for, give us at Unique Home Building a call today and let us know how we can help!

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