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Solar panels are gaining more and more popularity. No matter where you go these days, it’s common to see these large rectangular additions on people’s roofs and properties. But why? What’s the benefit?
At Unique Home Building, we believe in keeping homeowners informed about the latest remodeling trends, green upgrades and modernizations. Solar panels happen to be one of the most popular upgrades being asked for.
Here’s why:
    1. You can run your home on far more efficient and cost effective energy by installing and using solar panels.
    1. Not only are these an easy choice for you and your home, but they are also sustainable for the health of the environment.
    1. Even in the middle of winter each square meter of land still receives a fair amount of solar radiation. Sunlight is everywhere and the resource is practically inexhaustible. Even during cloudy days we still receive some sunlight and it is this that can be used as a renewable resource.
    1. Sunlight is totally free. There is of course the initial investment for the equipment. After the initial capital outlay you won’t be receiving a bill every month for the rest of your life from the electric utility.
    1. Solar energy is an excellent alternative for fossil fuels like coal and petroleum because solar energy is practically emission free while generating electricity.
    1. Get money back. Most states offer tax deductions and other incentives for switching to solar power.
    1. Solar power can generate electricity no matter how remote the area as long as the sun shines there, leavings solar power accessible to just about everyone.
  1. Once they are installed and setup there are practically zero recurring costs. If needs increase solar panels can be added with ease and with no major revamp.
The technology for solar energy is evolving at an increasing rate. At present photovoltaic technology is still relatively expensive but the technology is improving and production is increasing. The result of this is to drive costs down. Payback times for the equipment are getting shorter and in some areas where the cost of electricity is high payback may be as short as five years.
Solar energy is not only sustainable, it is renewable and making it a wise investment for both the energy efficiency of your home, your budget and the environment.
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