If you know the benefits of composting and you’re ready for a greener kitchen, we’ve got a great suggestion for you! The benefits of composting are immense, both for the home and environment. Don’t get bogged down with excess information and facts! Composting in he kitchen is both easy and a simple way to contribute to environmental health and sustainability. 
The Easy Solution to Enjoy the Benefits of Composting without the Mess!
Before we give you our easy big idea, here’s some info and how-to on composting:
How To Compost 
Composting requires warm temperatures at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit, moderate moisture, and space to turn the pile. You can really make kitchen waste composting as simple or as complex as you which. The end results are finer with multiple bins or with a rotating tumbler whereas piles on the ground or mixing into garden beds yields more robust and chunkier compost.

For the simplest way, keep an air tight container in the kitchen, on the counter or under the sink are common places, where you will store your scraps as you go. You can even purchase biodegradable bags to line your container with, even you don’t plan to add it to any soil and choose to dispose of it in your yard waste container instead.  Be sure to empty that bag every 5 days or so, since it is compostable and will begin to biodegrade as well. 

For even more thorough kitchen composting, you can also utilize a worm bin where the little guys eat their way through your debris and deposit moist worm castings for fertilizer and soil amendment. {www.gardeningknowhow.com}
The Easy Solution to Enjoy the Benefits of Composting without the Mess!Now that you see the benefits of composting, we want to give you the golden

idea that lets you enjoy the benefits of composting without the added mess and clutter!

Install an under counter compost container, for easy composting and no loss of counter space! Couple this with newly installed countertops and your kitchen will have a whole new look, equipped to support your new green habits! The container and corresponding drop hole can be created to suit your needs, both big and small.  Make sure you have a cabinet ready or made to make access to the hidden container even easier! 
At Unique home building we love making easy solutions for your green home needs! Call us today and plan your green kitchen makeover! 

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