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Working from home has become more economical and beneficial for both employers and employees. For some companies home employees help to keep overhead costs down. While many employees work for home because of the flexibility. For whatever reason more and more people are skipping the trip to the office.

Now the issue becomes finding the space to work. Perhaps you can add on, remodel an existing room or create space from a hallway or closet.  Find a good contractor who can help solve your work space problem.  Contractors do this all the time so they have many creative ways to create space in your home.

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Picking the Space for Your Workplace

Not everyone who has chosen — or has been forced by circumstances — to work from home has the space to allocate an entire room as an office. Carving out a functional, comfortable area is important, and you don’t want to set up shop on the sofa, where you’re surrounded by myriad distractions.
“Location, location, location. That’s what they say about a successful business, and it is imperative that the space you choose be comfortable, as free from distraction as possible, and offer the opportunity for success,” said Rafael M. Kalichstein, owner and principal designer of FORM Interior Design. “Choose a spot that is quiet enough to make business phone calls but that gets enough light that you don’t feel like you have to go spelunking to get there.”
If you have a spare bedroom that you can convert, or even a large closet, your location decision is an easy one. A garage can also be a great option, because you get the world’s fastest commute and over time that short walk across the driveway will get your brain thinking “work” before you reach the garage door. For most people, however, space is at a premium, so it’s important that your office be as separated as possible from the rest of your home.
“A space that can be closed is ideal — privacy for most of us when we’re working is best — but use what you have,” said Kalichstein. “Most importantly, make sure that it is a space that can be in some way entirely delineated, at least from an energetic standpoint. Your kitchen table, in other words, is a bad idea.”
Avoiding the high-traffic areas of your home, especially in an apartment, might seem impossible, but more often than not, that easily separated space is right under your nose. It’s not “where” you look, but “how” you look.
“People live in all sorts and sizes of places, so you have to work with what you have and be creative,” Kalichstein said. “You can take over what might have been an underutilized breakfast nook, or some hallways have enough space, and a lot of people will have living rooms or dens with a corner that can easily be delineated.”
Lighting is also a key factor when settling on a space. A basement office might afford you privacy, but you’re not going to want to go to work if your office feels like a dungeon.
“Some of the advantages of working from home,” said Los Angeles-based interior designer Estee Stanley, “are avoiding the omnipresent buzz of fluorescent light bulbs, and you get to give yourself an office with the best view in the building. So use that to your advantage. Position your office by a window if you can; the view can be soothing, and the natural light will help you stay more focused.”

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