The Pros and Cons to Turning Your Garage into a Man CaveTurning your garage into a man cave is becoming a pretty popular endeavor and for good reason! However, before you totally trade-in your parking and extra storage for the made for men getaway, we at Unique Home Building want to educate you about some of the pros and cons, so you’re able to make a decision with peace of mind


  1. One con is that your man cave project could lower your home’s value and make it harder to sell.
  2. Clearly, the garage has a purpose: Storage and parking. Garages were intended to provide just that, to meet the needs of the ever-expanding family and their belongings. Take that away and you offer less amenities.
  3. Having a man cave usually involves having a big tv, game table, video games, and more. If it’s obvious that your garage might be hiding some valuable assets, your risk of theft could increase dramatically.


  1. If you don’t overdo it on the esthetic, you could decorate in a way that if you do choose to sell, the man cave could be converted to a mother-in-law suite or guest house. Marketed correctly, that could boost the value of your home.
  2. The cave can also be fully built so that the family doesn’t lose its storage. Also, Consider adding an overhang to the garage with extended walls to serve as a car-port! Keep the functionality and you’ll have a win-win.
  3. Have all the amenities you want, but have the security system in place to match it. Make sure your homeowner insurance covers all that’s inside as well.
  4. Use this space as even more than a man cave. With all the extra room and entertainment, you can also use this space for holiday parties, date nights, and birthdays as well!

So it all really depends on what your immediate needs are as well as your long term goals. If you really feel that having that additional space is going to be the icing on the cake for your home, then this might be just the project for you! Whatever the case may be, feel free to contact us at Unique Home Building, in Dallas, Texas with your questions and interests!

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