The Surprising Benefits of a Home Sauna You Don't Want to Be in the Dark About: Health experts everywhere are saying more than ever that using a sauna regularly benefits your health, increases your immunity and quality of life. Knowing that, it’s even better to know that you can have a sauna installed in your own home for the most convenient use possible!

Saunas are known as fixtures in spas, gyms and even some homes. The benefits range from relaxation   to weight loss and cleansing! If you are considering adding sauna treatments to your health or wellness routine at home, it’s important to know the benefits. As always, Unique Home Building has contractors in Dallas, ready to install the perfect sauna for you in your own home.  

The Surprising Benefits of a Home Sauna You Don’t Want to Be in the Dark About: 

Pain Management
Heat has an analgesic, or pain relieving, effect due to its ability create more effective blood flow. Painful conditions caused by inflammation such as arthritis and fibromyalgia can be temporarily managed through heat treatments like those found in both saunas and steam rooms. For managing pain, saunas may be preferable for people who are negatively affected by humidity as are some sufferers of acute rheumatoid arthritis. 

One health advantage that can only be provided through the heat of saunas is the expectorant effect, when adding a menthol based essential oil to the mix, such as eucalyptus oil. These oils thin and open the mucous membranes in your body, including in your sinuses, throat and lungs. If you suffer chronic congestion or sinus infections, using eucalyptus, peppermint and rosemary, can help loosen and clear the mucous from your nose, chest and throat. 

Saunas are said to provide a spectrum of emotional and physical relaxation benefits. Wet and dry heat simulate sedative effects that generate feelings of calmness and relaxation, and some people who suffer emotional or mood disorder may find relief with regular trips to saunas or even steam rooms. The heat of saunas also promote muscle relaxation, which can provide pain relief from muscular injuries such as those from overuse or exercise.

With the benefits listed above, it’s clear that the ease of a home sauna would not only enhance the quality of your life, but also your personal health. We know what it takes to get you the best set up for your home, so please contact us at Unique Home Building and talk to a contractor about getting your own home sauna installed!

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