The Uncommon Kitchen Upgrade That Might Just Save Your LifeWhen it comes time to remodel your kitchen, I’m sure you like many, have all the plans figured out. But there might be a less common addition to your home that you’ve missed. And of course, while we don’t want to make any more changes to your already complex plans, this one is something we wouldn’t want you to miss.


Now, before we go into all the details, I want to answer you before you ask, “Is two always better than one?” Well no, of course not. So if it’s being suggested to you to have two of something, you would be wise to lean in and see what the fuss is all about, don’t you think?


The Uncommon Kitchen Upgrade That Might Just Save Your LifeWe’re talking about adding a second sink to your kitchen. And I’m sure you’re wondering why that is and if it’s an option worth looking into for your home. The answer of course, depends on your lifestyle, your budget, taste and lifestyle, because if you do fit the bill, then – the bill and effort are usually more than worth it.


If you’re the type that hosts for parties or holidays, or have your kids and their friends enjoy afternoons or weekends with you, you’re definitely perfect. Why? Because it’s pretty likely that you’ve already got a kitchen equipped with an oversized stainless sink to handle the abundance of dishes that come through each day. In fact, you might be getting a headache right now just thinking about it!


It’s overwhelming at best. And what do you do when people come over and it’s time to rinse the new produce, start dinner or wash tiny hands? No time to do the dishes and not only that, you don’t want your guests to see the storm brewing in there!


The Uncommon Kitchen Upgrade That Might Just Save Your LifeThe solution? Install an additional small sink. They’re the perfect place to handle light small jobs and for people to gather near when you’re busy with the bigger tasks. Plus, extra sink means extra help! They’re simple to install and are a beautiful compliment to any bar, island or counter top.
See? Pretty good idea and it makes your life a lot easier. Enjoy the photos for a little extra inspiration – and let us at Unique Home Build know if you’d like to speak furter about your own home remodeling dream come true!

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