These Simple Home Lighting Changes Are Keeping People Healthier and HappierIt may be summer now, but winter likes to sneak up from behind and catch you off guard! If you experience winter colds or seasonal depression from those long gray days, then now is the time to prepare for a much healthier (and happier) winter. This is something we help a lot of people with at Unique Home Building, and we want to help you too.

For people experiencing immune system challenges or mood swings, light may be a major key. As a general rule, in our modern lifestyles, nights tend to be too light and days can be too dark. Our adrenal glands, responsible for regulating hormone production and sleep/wake patterns get totally off balanced, causing many other parts of our bodies to be off balance as well.


Additionally, studies have shown that insufficient vitamin D in our bodies can lead to increased risk of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, parkinson’s and other diseases.  That’s a lot of compromise. The truth is, as people nationwide are getting less and less direct sunlight, as many as ¾ of the teen and adult populations are said to be deficient in this crucial vitamin.


What if we could change this around, even in the dead of winter?


The truth is, we can and people all over are doing it and experiencing great positive results.


These Simple Home Lighting Changes Are Keeping People Healthier and Happier


1 . Keep your sleeping rooms dark. Let’s bring contrast back to your adrenals and pituitary gland. You can have black out shades installed to give yourself the darkest environment for sleep and resetting your adrenal glands. You’ll feel the difference.


2. Take what you can get. Let sunshine into the home wherever you can get it.  Open curtains, open blinds, make the most of what’s possible.


3. Continuing from the above, add a skylight to any dark room that could use more sun. One interesting possible upgrade is a “smart” skylight called the Ciralight Suntracker. With a typical skylight, a patch of sunlight is cast on the floor or wall of your home, and moves throughout the day as the sun moves. The Suntracker uses GPS, and mirrors track the sun throughout the day and bounce it directly down onto a diffuser. So as long as the sun is up, the skylight is capturing all available sunlight and beaming it into the house in a way that maximizes light. Most Ciralight customers are industrial or retail companies, but the company also offers home installation. The price is about $1,100 to adapt a commercial unit for a residence, and they’re working on a 2-foot-square model for homes (price to be announced). If this sounds like a good option for you, the contractors at Unique Home Building would love to help you through it!


4. Philips goLITE. Tim Ferriss recommends the Philips goLITE for addressing seasonal depression. This is an extra bonus, as it can travel with you! Here’s what he said:
I bought this travel-sized blue-light(2) emitter for a friend who suffers from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) — a.k.a. mild to severe depression — during winter months. It turned out he already had the same device, so I began to use it as a replacement for coffee first thing in the morning. I set it to the side of my laptop, pointing at me at a 15-degree angle for 15 minutes. That evening, my time to sleep was less than 10 minutes for the first time in a week. I was able to replicate the effect 4 nights out of 5.
Though most often used for jet lag or winter depression, the goLITE has been singularly most useful as a corrective sleep tool, even if I wake up late and go to be earlier than usual. Battery life is long and it is, at the size of a small square book, portable enough to take in a carry-on bag.” – Tim Ferriss via Huffington Post *
5. High quality vitamin D supplementation (also known as liquid sunshine). We’re not talking about the simple bottles at the drugstore. No. You want to get the best, because you deserve to have what actually works. Talk to your primary care doctor or naturopath for the right brand and dosage.
Vitamin D via supplementation and natural light is incredibly necessary for proper health, happiness and vitality. See what works for you and start preparing now. Don’t let winter sneak up on you or get you down. Unique Home Building contractors are ready and waiting to answer any questions you may have to get your home health where you need it to be.

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