These Surprising Home Additions Are Easy and Natural Shortcuts to Better Health!When you’re thinking of remodeling or building your home, you naturally think of the additions that will give you the most space and home feeling. But how often do you consider how your design contributes to your health. Not often, right? Well the truth is, that there are some seriously health boosting home design ideas out there that make a world of difference for your quality of life as well as for your health.  

If you’re finally planning to have the home of your dreams, and good health matters to you, you’re not going to want to miss out on these genius ideas. At Unique Home Building, we are in the business of making your home life better. Here are our favorite ways to bring health to your home and home to your health:

About light: The more sun you can let into your home, the more your plants, your mood and your natural rhythms will be supported. So choose extra large windows and add skylights to the rooms you’re in most! And for the rooms where you sleep, be sure to have both the large windows to let in the light, as well as black out curtains for night time to make sure that the added light doesn’t affect your sleep!

Detox at home: Everyone’s loving saunas these days, and that’s because they do so much for your health. Because of their heat factor, they aid your body’s circulation and ability to detoxify faster. This leads to muscle and joint pain relief, glowing skin, healthier hair, cleared respiratory system and better sleep. Sounds about right!

Access all the seasons: This solution adds more light and more outside to your daily life, without being exposed to pests or the elements. Add an all weather porch or sunroom.  With this option, you get to sit ‘outside’ in the protection of your home, in every season. For places with colder winters, add a dutch oven and double paned windows to watch the snow and rainfall in the warmth of your enclosed porch! In the summer, simply open the windows and doors to enjoy the breeze.

Enjoy cleaner water: All you need to do is install a simple water filtration system. And when you do, you’ll know full well why you did it. You’ll be able to both taste and feel the difference. Many states have different laws as to what’s allowed in the water system, but you have the power to filter out what you don’t want – and eliminate the possibility of consuming chlorine, flouride and even residual flushed medications! Gross!

Home is where we spend the most time. We connect, eat, celebrate, grow and study there. So why not use your home to take your health even further? The contractors at Unique Home Building are experts and customizing your home to suit your needs. Please contact us today to see what we can do to make your house even more of a home.

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