Time For a New Heating System? Compare the Benefits of Electrical and Natural GasWhen considering the installation of a new heating system it’s important to determine
whether you want to go with electric or natural gas.  But the options can be overwhelming, so we put a few facts together for you to compare the benefits of each. 

Electric Heat

Electric heating systems are available for homeowners who don’t have access to natural gas lines or when natural gas is too cost prohibitive. Electric systems don’t produce toxic waste products such as carbon monoxide. Electric heating is a cost efficient solution for homeowners looking to heat a three season room or a home addition. Baseboard or under the floor heating increases the comfort of a room that has tile floors, as these floors are otherwise cold during the winter months. Homeowners can choose an electric furnace, an electric boiler, or baseboard heating.

Natural Gas Heat

Time For a New Heating System? Compare the Benefits of Electrical and Natural GasNatural gas is an energy efficient way to heat a home. Gas furnaces can last for 25 years or more when properly maintained. Many people feel that gas furnaces produce a more comfortable type of home heating, as the indoor air is less dry with gas heat. Gas furnaces can be connected to a humidifier for added comfort during the winter months. In areas where the cost of natural gas is low, homeowners will enjoy low monthly heating costs when using natural gas furnaces to heat their homes.

Things to Consider

Choosing an electrical versus natural gas heater is a personal matter that requires careful consideration. Some of the factors that a homeowner should consider before making a purchase include:

  • How much space needs to be heated. A too-small heating system will leave the room drafty and cold, while a too-large heating system will result in unnecessarily high utility bills.
  • Utility rates. Homeowners may need to do some research about whether electrical versus gas heat will be the better economic choice in their region.
  • System durability. A gas furnace usually lasts longer than an electrical unit.
  • Maintenance and repair costs. Gas furnaces need annual maintenance to ensure the combustion chamber, burners, and fuel supply are in safe operating order. Electric systems should be tuned-up annually as well.
  • Cost to install the system.
  • Available tax credits. Federal, state, and local tax credits may be available for energy efficient home heating systems.
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