Choosing Kitchen CabinetsMost homeowners judge a piece of property by the style and quality of the kitchen. If your kitchen is custom-built, then you have a unique opportunity to choose every minute detail, from the granite countertops to the kitchen cabinets. How do you know what the best kitchen cabinets are for your home, though? It’s easy — just look for a few key characteristics:

  • Durable, sturdy frames
  • Easy-to-clean interiors
  • Full-height back panels
  • Dovetail drawer box design
  • Soft-close door hinges
  • Toe-kick construction

Types of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

There are four primary types of kitchen cabinets to choose from. These include:

  • Base — The standard kitchen cabinet is, on average, 24 inches deep and 36 inches tall. The overall construction allows these cabinets to rest atop a four-inch riser, known as a toe kick, for aesthetic and cleanliness purposes.
  • Wall — Many homeowners opt for wall-mounted cabinetry that is 12 inches deep and just over eye level.
  • Tall — Tall cabinets are, as the name suggests, taller than the average cabinet. This setup is typically 83.5 inches in height and usually serves as a pantry or broom closet in the kitchen.
  • Specialty — Many custom home construction projects include specialty kitchen cabinets that maximize square footage and ensure complete organization. These include corner cabinets, cooktop fronts, suspended units, and bottle racks.

Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Let’s explore a few unique styles for your new kitchen cabinets:

  • Modern — A modern kitchen cabinet is generally sleek and brightly-colored, with glass and lacquered wood being quite common.
  • Traditional — Traditional kitchen cabinetry is cozy and homey, with cathedral or arched cabinets and recessed panels.
  • Vintage — Vintage cabinetry often features decorative molding and beaded board.

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