A Dallas Bathroom Remodel Can be Fun and Rewarding or a Disaster. 

You’ve heard the stories from friends, relatives, or neighbors.  Maybe you’ve lived it yourself on an earlier bathroom remodel.  Maybe you’ve never remodeled a bathroom, but your kitchen remodel came in two months late at double the cost, and it wasn’t like the picture the nice lady showed you. 

Sadly, even in the 21st Century and with all the internet information available, there are still handymen who don’t know what they’re doing, builders who can build, but can’t design, and just pure scam artists.  There are also companies that are underfunded, and take your money up front, then never finish the job.  They may have meant well, but they just aren’t good at the business side.

Bathroom Remodel

You might also have someone do the kitchen remodel who is ok at part of the job, but not at another part.  For instance, they know how to work with wood, but aren’t so good at the electrical.  Or they do a great job on the plumbing, but the tile work is uneven and the grout is already chipping.  

How does a person figure out the basics before they get started.  Here are three basic steps you can take that should help a lot.  Then check the bonus step at the end. 
1. Cost Estimate

Start by visiting ImproveNet.com. As with any home improvement project costs and estimates are critical to the project plan. You can use the online bathroom remodel cost estimator. Plug in the size of the bathroom, type of finish etc and it will give you a rough estimate of cost and outline what components will be changed, the types of materials used etc.
2. Flooring, Fixtures, Baths & Toilets
Cannot decide between stone and porcelain, a refinished tub or a glass shower? You can experiment with a sample bathroom design online by visiting WarmlyYours.com. This site has an interactive design program that allows you to lay out the blueprint of the bathroom according to your dimensions and then add windows, doors, showers, tubs, vanities to see how things git in the room. You can even get an instant quote on the project. HGTV.com and ABathroomGuide.com have great ideas on bathroom design and remodel including information on new products and trends.
3. Choose a Good Contractor
When hiring a contractor it is best to use someone who has completed a job and is highly recommended by a friend or family.  Check with the local Better Business Bureau.  The builder should be rated A or better and have no unresolved claims.  Be sure to read reviews by former clients, as it will give you a feel for the company.  You will still want to confirm licenses and insurance, and get references and multiple estimates before locking into an agreement with a contractor.
BONUS!  We would not have written this post if we didn’t know we would be able to pass every test!
You can skip all the steps above and give us a call.

  1. We are rated with the Dallas BBB
  2. We do have over a decade of experience in Dallas
  3. We are excellent designers
  4. We have outstanding associates for every part of the job, experts in each field.
  5. We can provide you with as many references as you’d like.
  6. We are a licensed general contractor, and have all insurance to protect you
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