Kids grow up fast. It can be hard as a parent to come to terms with the fact that our babies aren’t going to stay babies forever. If your kids want to be treated as being more mature, it might be time to put away the stuffed animals and give them a big kid bedroom overhaul.
Child’s Bedroom
Floors – Thick flooring and carpeting is ideal for babies crawling and learning how to walk. Now that you little one isn’t so little, consider hardwood floors with an area rug to make cleaning a breeze and to give your kid’s room a little bit older of a look.
Windows – Windows give kids a great opportunity to draw on their imagination from the world around them. As your kids grow, opt for window coverings that are more grown up like drapes with built-in tie backs. There’s a lot of freedom here as far as design, as there are plenty of color and pattern options to give your child the room of their dreams. If they need a little more help staying asleep, black out shades are a great way to keep the room in an ideal sleeping condition.
Window Seat – A window seat is a great furniture option for the child who likes to spend a decent amount of time in their room. Bay windows can make this process much easier, but they are by no means a requirement. We can have our contractors build a bench-style seat under the window. These spaces are great as they can double as extra storage.
Lighting – Some kids have trouble sleeping. Changing the room light to run on a dimmer can help prepare them for sleep by bringing down the harshness in the evening. For those kids afraid of the dark, look into an outlet-mounted nightlight for added security.
Furniture – As your child is getting older, they may feel that their bed or other furniture is too childish for them. Consider upgrading their bed to a loft. Lofts provide the benefit of freeing up floor space in your child’s room. Installing built ins for clothes, trophies, or books can be a great investment, or even an armoire for a television and gaming system, clothes, or other hobbies.
Get Vertical – Utilizing the ceiling is a great way to increase storage. You can put in netting above the bed to store soft toys or flower hanging hooks for hang storage units that can be used for clothes or light toys.
Learning Center – Take out the baby bouncer and give your child a multipurpose desk that will inspire learning and creativity. The possibilities here are endless. You can consider a magnetic surface with numbers and letters, a musical keyboard, or arts and crafts supplies. Get creative here.
Fresh Paint – Your child will always be your “baby”, but that doesn’t mean you have to treat them as such. Transition from the nursery themed colors of powder blue or pastel yellow to a more versatile earth tones that will be appropriate for your child for many years. Other ideas would be to put in a blackboard, whiteboard, or drawing wall, add boarders to accent, or put in an accent wall for added style.
No matter what age your child, our contractors at Unique Home Building are here for you and your family as you grow and develop. Let us know how we can help on your next project, no matter what it is!

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