If you experience poor health or mood swings, light may be playing a major factor in it all. As a whole, our nights are too light and our days are too dark. Our adrenal glands, that regulate hormone production and sleep/wake patterns are totally thrown off, causing so many other parts of our bodies to be off balance as well.

Tired of Being Sick? More Light In Your Home Can Make You More Healthy!So in order to really benefit from proper light, you have to have the contrast.  Make sure your sleeping rooms have black out shades installed to give yourself the darkest environment for sleep and resetting your adrenal glands. You’ll feel the difference. 

Tired of Being Sick? More Light In Your Home Can Make You More Healthy!As far as light, there’s an epidemic of vitamin D deficiency in part because people aren’t getting enough direct sunlight. As many as three-quarters of the teen and adult populations in the United States may be deficient in this vitamin. This is bad, because vitamin D deficiency has been linked with increased risk of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, parkinson’s and other diseases. 

Part of our sun deficiency is related to fear of skin cancer. However, what people should fear is any degree of sunburn. According to the Vitamin D Council, your body gets all the exposure it needs for health long before the skin starts to redden. So getting sun in small, frequent doses is healthier and less risky than avoiding the sun part of the year, then getting occasionally sunburned.

The takeaway here is that most people living outside the tropics just aren’t getting enough sunshine. And the best way to get sun is in small doses very frequently. 

Let the sun shine in

This fact can inform our decision making about home design and home investment. 

For example, where to invest on home improvement? Retile the bathroom or install skylights? Buy an expensive new TV and home-entertainment system or playground equipment in the backyard? Replace a wall with drywall or floor-to-ceiling glass windows? Add a pool table or a pool? 

One interesting possible upgrade is a “smart” skylight called the Ciralight Suntracker. With a typical skylight, a patch of sunlight is cast on the floor or wall of your home, and moves throughout the day as the sun moves. The Suntracker uses GPS, and mirrors track the sun throughout the day and bounce it directly down onto a diffuser. So as long as the sun is up, the skylight is capturing all available sunlight and beaming it into the house in a way that maximizes light. Most Ciralight customers are industrial or retail companies, but the company also offers home installation. The price is about $1,100 to adapt a commercial unit for a residence, and they’re working on a 2-foot-square model for homes (price to be announced). If this sounds like a good option for you, the contractors at Unique Home Building would love to help you through it!

Science is telling us that lighting decisions can have far-ranging consequences for our happiness and well-being. Investing in darker nights and sunnier days may be the brightest idea for your family’s health. We are on your side.  Let us know where we can help!

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