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Sometimes Spending $100 or So Can Dramatically Change Your Life

My first boss was a big man who liked to live “large.”  At some point along our few years together, I stayed at his beach home and found something in his bathroom that was so much better, more comfortable and just plain delightful, that I went straight out and bought my own.  Since then I’ve never used anything else, and have give away several as gifts.  There is a very good chance that you have never used one of these before, and that after one use, you’ll leave a comment on this blog post thanking me for such advice.

Thinking about my first experience with a BATH SHEET instead of some crummy little towel, got me thinking that there may be just a very few things around the home that for a small expense in time or treasure might really make life more comfortable, fun, and just plain better.

Over the next few weeks this blog will take a look at the following list, and give you recommendations for products that don’t cost much, but do much.

  1. Man Sized Towel
  2. Shower Head
  3. TV Chair
  4. Tools
  5. Temperature Controls
  6. Enough Outlets
  7. Kitchen Sink 
  8. Lighting
  9. Bed covers
  10. Pillows

We would love to have your input on this list.  Is there something I’ve missed.  You can jump ahead and start your own research on any of these.  Hopefully you’ll follow us or subscribe to this blog and check out what we find out.  I promise some more big surprises.

Now what about that Bath Sheet!  If you are 5 foot tall, it might not be as obvious, but I’m just 5/9″ and it is significant to me.  From the first minute you just feel the luxury of having all that fluffy cotton (or linen) to warm you and suck up the water.   I have recently learned that you should pay the extra few dollars for a quality product.  I purchased an inexpensive towel and it is big, absorbent, but not comfy.

Cheap Home Improvements

A quick review of the reviews on Amazon suggests that there is a huge (pun intended) winner among the quality products.  With almost 100% positive reviews, this 40″x80″ White, Turkish Spa Bath Sheet, 630 Gram Weight, made in Turkey towel looks like the best choice.

We aren’t shilling for this company or for Amazon.  Do your own research, but don’t be afraid to spend an extra sawbuck or two to get something quality.  My last bath sheet lasted 20 years.

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