Custom Home Builds DebunkedLiving in a home that was specifically designed for you is one of life’s greatest comforts. You have an opportunity to infuse your taste and lifestyle directly into the build. It can reflect your personality and impress your guests. However, like most things in life, there are myths surrounding custom home builds. It’s time we debunked these myths to ensure homeowners can comfortably move forward with their new house today!

Myth 1: You Must Know the Design

There are many homeowners who are intimidated by a custom home build. They are afraid of designing the entire home. Well, that’s not the case. You do not have to be an experienced architect or designer to get started – we’re here for you instead. You can involve yourself in the design process, of course, but it is experienced designers and architects who handle the bulk of the work.

Myth 2: Hidden Costs

Most people associate custom builds of any kind with hidden costs and fees. The building process is straightforward, though. Before any work begins, you’ll be provided with a full quote, including all labor and material costs. You’ll know what you’re paying before giving the go ahead.

Myth 3: Custom Homes Are Complicated

Building a dream home from scratch sounds like complex work. It’s not, though. Custom home construction companies, like ours, aim to reduce the stress involved. The whole process is streamlined, with each choice along the way leading to your new home.

Myth 4: Custom Homes Take Too Long

When building a new home from the ground up, there are factors none of us can control, such as the weather. However, using today’s technology and equipment, a custom home takes no longer than any other home build. Once the design is fully planned and implemented, construction can begin immediately.

For custom home builds you can count on, call Unique Home Build at 214-533-0716. We’ll put you in your dream home sooner!

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