Ventilation Control 
We can install a ventilation system in the crawlspace of your Dallas home! Contact Unique Properties for a consultation. 
We are running a series of posts about 10 of the best technologies available for your Dallas remodeling projects. These technologies are selected by PATH. Selected technologies have notable strengths in one or more of the following areas: quality and durability; energy efficiency; environmental performance; safety and disaster mitigation; and affordability.
2. Smartvent Ventilation/Ventilation Control System
Whether crawlspace ventilation is necessary (or even detrimental) is a hotly debated topic among building scientists. Especially in humid climates, ventilating the crawlspace often adds undesirable moisture to the area. New products provide mechanical ventilation as that measure the moisture content of outdoor and crawlspace air and only provide ventilation when the outdoor air is drier than crawlspace air. Thus, systems prevent moisture from being added to the crawlspace due to ventilation.
PATH is a voluntary partnership between leaders of the homebuilding, product manufacturing, insurance, and financial industries and representatives of Federal agencies concerned with housingHUD’s Office of Policy Development and Research (PD&R) coordinates all PATH activities. 

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