Dallas Home Remodel
We are running a series of posts about 10 of the best technologies available for your Dallas remodeling projects. These technologies are selected by PATH. Selected technologies have notable strengths in one or more of the following areas: quality and durability; energy efficiency; environmental performance; safety and disaster mitigation; and affordability. 
3. HVAC Sizing
Right sizing an HVAC system improves efficiency, reduces noise, offers greater cooling/heating comfort and saves money. Getting correct HVAC sizing is recommended by PATH as one of the smartest things you can do for your home. Many Dallas contractors will install oversized units, costing you unnecessary money. A larger unit does not necessarily mean it is cooling better. In fact, a properly sized unit will provide the best cooling of your Dallas home for the lowest cost and energy use.  
When you build or remodel your Dallas-area home, you want everything done right. Choose a contractor with a track record of completing quality work, on time, at a fair price. Choose Unique Properties.

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