Trendsetters Say Granite May Have a Shaky Future

Is granite out? You wouldn’t think so judging from its prominence in so many kitchens these days.

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It can be difficult to resist temptation to do as others are doing when it comes to renovating and granite has been no exception.

After all, a major part of the renovating fun is checking out what everyone else is doing. This is how you figure out what’s available and what you like. It’s one of the reasons why touring new home developments is a favorite pastime of many couples searching for ideas for their own homes.

When Trends Go Away

Over time, this is how trends are born. One person follows what another is doing until most everyone is doing what most everyone is doing.

But what happens when a trend is no longer a trend?

To answer the question, let’s take a look at granite countertops. It seems that not that long ago, everyone wanted granite countertops. Granite, with its hefty price tag, conveyed a definite cachet upon homeowners as they contemplated a kitchen remodel.

Granite dethroned?

But now “persons in the know” are declaring that granite is no longer desirable.

“Granite has been dethroned. While granite isn’t going away and still has many die-hard fans, the new king of countertops will be quartz composite,” wrote the editors of HousingZone.

A writer specializing in home trends on gave granite an even more blistering review under a blog post titled “Top Home Renovation Trends That Should Die.”

“I predict that in a few years, granite will look as hilariously outdated as “brick” cellphones are to us today,” the post reads.

Do You Have Granite?

Uh-oh. What to do if you are among the many whose kitchens feature hundreds of square feet of granite?

Well, you have nothing to worry about if you’re among the homeowners who decided upon granite because you truly like it. In that case,  you can simply continue enjoying your granite, even if you did choose granite partly because of its popularity.

But if you chose granite solely because that’s what everyone else you knew was doing, then you might want to think about renovating again.

Ever-evolving Trends

That’s the thing with trends. They are constantly evolving and their lifespan is completely unpredictable.

Did you see what Housing Zone is predicting as a trend in 2013 for kitchen cabinets?

HousingZone editors say fussy, complicated cabinets are headed out. Get ready to rip out some cabinets if that sounds like your kitchen.  And whatever your Dallas kitchen remodeling plan, be sure to think of Unique Home Construction.

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