Trying to Stay Warm?  Here's Why A Gas Fireplace is the Best Solution:When the temperatures drop, there’s something so wonderful and inviting about a roaring fire; but hauling wood, stoking flames and cleaning soot?  What if you could have all the glory of cozying up to your loved ones and warming every layer of clothing, without the extra work and with far less cost? Well, if you are trying to stay warm, you may want to consider installing a gas fireplace, for a warm, personal and very unique home.
A natural fireplace has plenty of advantages that make it even more attractive to homeowners who are looking for not only style but also a savings on their energy bill.
Here are 15 advantages of a natural fireplace that may make your decision of choosing between gas and wood burning easier.

Number #1: Constant Heat

Unlike a log fireplace, a natural fireplace has constant heat supply.

Number #2: No Hauling

With a gas fireplace you will never have to buy or chop firewood or worry about harming a tree.

Number #3: No Sparks

Because there are no logs that mean no ashes or fly always that you have to clean.

Number #4: Energy Savings

A natural gas fireplace can save at least 25% on your energy bill

Trying to Stay Warm?  Here's Why A Gas Fireplace is the Best Solution:Number #5: Easy to Work

A gas fireplace can be turned on and off with the flip of a switch unlike a wood burning fireplace that can burn out without notice.

Number #6: Much Safer

The environment benefits nicely from a natural gas fireplace because there are no fumes or particles that are being released into the air or in your home.

Number #7: Stylish

There are numerous designs and styles in natural gas fireplaces that can add value to your home and look beautiful at the same time. From natural looking logs to beautiful grates, gas fireplace design has come a long way.

Number #8: No Chimney

A gas fireplace usually has a venting system which means they do not need a chimney.

Number #9: Warmer

There are gas fireplace models that have a blower already built in which helps to circulate the warm air throughout the home and not just in one area where the unit is places.

Number #10: Remote

There are manufacturers that produce natural gas fireplaces with a remote control similar to a TV remote making it easy to operate for anyone in the family.

Number #11: No Bans

There are States that have banned the use of wood burning fireplaces because of environmental concerns.

Number 12: Installation

The cost of installing a natural fireplace is often cheaper that a wood burning fireplace and can be easily installed by either a Do-It-Yourselfer or a professional.

Number #13: No Storage

Because a natural gas fireplace runs on gas, it is metered into the home by the local gas company. This is easier for the homeowner who doesn’t have to worry about storing natural gas at home or on the premises.

Number #14: Good for Kids

A natural fireplace is safer for children and pets since it is controlled and there are no fly away sparks or flames.

Number #15: No Creosote

Unlike a wood burning fireplace that needs to be cleaned along with the chimney die to a build-up of creosote, a natural fireplace does not.  {info credit to:}
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