Kitchen Remodel IdeasThe kitchen is the heart of the home. We all know it. It’s the chief place to do a remodel — both because it’s so important to your daily life and because it adds so much to the value of the home. If you’re looking at a kitchen remodel, you might want an injection of creativity to help your ideas. You can get the same standard advice anywhere. These ideas are all about pushing your creativity, so have fun.

Steel Countertops

Countertops can be a major focal point of the kitchen. It’s why marble, granite, and quartz are so popular. They’re aesthetically beautiful, and they have functional value too. You can take things up a notch with stainless steel. It can be a real statement piece, but you have to plan around it. If you want steel, the aesthetics will have to match it, so it requires more planning than traditional stone.

The plus side of steel is that it is far and away the strongest, most durable and easiest-to-maintain countertop you can get. You don’t have to reseal it. It’s nonporous, so it’s antimicrobial. And unlike stone, steel doesn’t chip.

When it comes to the look, you can get smooth steel, brushed steel (which is a little less shiny), and even textured steel. You also aren’t stuck with silver. While it does come at a premium, colored steel is now an option, and that allows you to have the benefits of the material with more freedom in your design choices. Don’t overlook these countertops. It’s a rising trend.

Natural Warmth

All that talk about steel brings up the need for natural warmth. Even colored steel can make a kitchen feel cold, and many modern design elements suffer from the same problem. You don’t need a full-blown country kitchen (although those can be amazing), but every kitchen needs some infusion of natural warmth.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is with a kitchen house plant. They’re colorful and really emphasize the ‘natural’ part of the idea. You can usually find a good space for one.

Some wood or leather somewhere in the kitchen can also provide warmth. Wooden cabinetry is pretty common, but many paint jobs and color schemes can take the warmth out of the wood, so keep that in mind.

If you’re feeling more creative, you can have a wooden bar stem from your steel countertops. You might think that doesn’t work, but the picture doesn’t lie.

If you’re really at a loss, consider getting a big, fat, wooden cutting block. They’re useful. They’re pretty. They infuse natural warmth. It’s an easy solution when you can’t find a better option.

Custom Islands

People go both ways on kitchen islands — some love the extra counter space, and others see it as a hassle. Either way, kitchen islands are still grossly underdeveloped when it comes to design. You can have more than just a simple square of counter in the middle of your kitchen. You can go custom with the island, and that helps make a kitchen unique.

Islands are especially valuable for an entertaining or open kitchen design. You can build a bench seat and breakfast nook into the island. You can put wrap-around seating on it. If you want a larger island, you can put a cutout on the prep side to really take advantage of your counter space while still leaving room for guests or kids .

Really think about how you could best use your island, and then talk to someone about how to customize it to make that idea work.

Built-Ins Instead of Cabinets

Cabinets are not out of style, and they’re the right choice in a lot of situations. That said, if you’re looking to step up the creativity, then you want to explore built-ins. This takes the idea of open cabinetry to the next level (and is very Japanese). Where you would have your open shelving, you can have built-in spacing that fuses with the wall. It’s very cool, although it can’t replace all of your storage space. It’s possibly one of the most aesthetically advanced and interesting things you can do in a kitchen.

Tuck Everything In

The final concept is more about functionality than looking cool. The modern look tries to create seamlessness throughout the kitchen. This leads to cabinetry, storage, and appliances all flowing together, and that requires tucked-in appliances. A classic example is the Sub-Zero fridge. It looks like an extension of the cabinetry. You can extend this to ovens and the rest of the kitchen to create a holistic aesthetic.

Here’s the real trick. If you’re going for this look, you want to add pull-outs to every storage space. It adds a ton of accessibility to every last inch of that space while maintaining the strong, clean look that you designed.

When you’re ready to explore custom and creative kitchen remodels, call Unique Home Construction. We’re all about amazing home spaces, and we’d love to help you perfect your kitchen.

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