Some Tips For Attracting Positive Energy in Your Home

Feng Shui
Some people believe feng shui can help them lead happier lives, so much so that they consult a feng shui master to guide them when renovating their homes. They believe that following the rules of this ancient Chinese belief system will help them create the necessary balance to attract happiness, wealth and other positive energies.

Can feng shui really have such an impact?

Feng shui focuses on creating a healthy and harmonious energy flow to attract happiness, wealth and other positives into your home.

Many of the principles of feng shui really are common sense, such as reducing clutter in the home to allow for good energy to flow and allow plenty of room for happiness and wealth to flow into your home.

Some of this can be achieved on a daily basis simply by giving your home a good cleaning and decluttering treatment. These simple tips are especially helpful if you aren’t planning on moving or renovating, but using feng shui during a renovation is a terrific opportunity for increasing the positive energy in your home.

Some feng shui rules to consider

Here are some feng shui rules that you can consider as you plan your renovation:

  • Front door. The front door should not be aligned with the back door, or all the good energy will flow right out. A single door is more desirable than a double door. A front door should be seen from the street and also face the street.
  • Similar sized children’s bedrooms are best.
  • Avoid having a second-story bedroom over a kitchen.
  • Medium height ceilings without exposed beams are best.
  • A well-placed bathroom can help you keep money flowing in. Avoid placing bathrooms on the second floor directly above the kitchen or front door or under the stairs.
  • The center of a home has the most power so this is where you might want to consider placing the room where you spend the most time.
  • Good energy can get trapped in a small room so plan for large windows to help release some of that energy.
  • Avoid having too many doors in one room or area because these tend to spur arguments.

A good feng shui master can offer you a consultation that takes into account everything about your home including site location, shape of the house, and interior elements. A consultation is more thorough when that design consultant also takes stock of your life and what you hope to accomplish with the principles of feng shui.

Photo credit: Avia Venefica

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